With chances of lockdown being extended, MBA college makes Shark Tank season 11 a mandatory part of the syllabus

09, May 2020 By Ad-min

With no end to the lockdown in sight, educational institutions across the country are finding themselves in a quandary.


While online classroom sessions seem like the only way out, one particular MBA college is clearly thinking out-of-the-box.

Kelingkar Management Institute in Mumbai, which will soon be starting its academic session, has announced that will be imparting MBA lessons to its students in an unconventional way. The institute has made season 11 of the popular reality TV show Shark Tank, a mandatory part of the syllabus this year.

The latest season of Shark Tanks streams on Voot, and will be made available to all MBA students of the college.

This is probably the first time that an education institute will rely on a streaming platform to impart management and entrepreneurial lessons to students.

But experts say that after the pandemic, this could be the new normal.

Karuna Singh, Dean of Kelingkar Institute and more popular among students as Karuna virus, spoke to our reporter on what made her come up with this idea  and said, “It started off with just one episode of Shark Tank and I ended up binge watching all episodes. There’s pitching, competition, business deals and so on. I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that the show would teach our students better than textbooks could.”

It is not just the faculty that is optimistic about the idea, several students that our reporter spoke to, seemed excited as well. The idea of an additional subject didn’t seem to bother anyone.

“I am all game for Shark Tank on Voot Select. In fact Voot Select has helped me get through this lockdown. With my limited cooking skills, I was worried about how long I’d survive on Maggi. But thanks to the cooking shows on Voot, I am almost a chef now. And after watching Shark Tank I’d be all set to start my catering business,” remarked a final year student of the college.

The community of MBA students across the country were ecstatic with the idea. Many were happy that the new subject won’t require added set of textbooks and Xerox notes.

One of the students, on a web-cam interview, with visible sense of relief on his face, said, “You have no idea how many textbooks we carry around as part of our course. And not to mention the tons of xeroxed notes. I still have to clear the dues of the neighborhood Xerox shop. Secretly hoping that he too writes off my dues just like RBI has done for loan defaulters.”

Based on this innovative decision, we, the staff of Faking News, have decided to petition that binge-watching all of Nancy Drew episodes immediately should allow us to be police detectives too. Now that’s a deal we think Mr. Wonderful would back!