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Chicken interrupts corporate meeting leading to mass scale celebration in office

09, Mar 2015 By Ad-min

Mumbai. A meeting called by bosses to discuss something very important that no one had any clue about, was interrupted earlier today by a chicken that suddenly and out of nowhere crept into the board room. The chicken jumped on to the center table, causing panic to bosses and amusement to other staff.

“It was beautiful!” said a junior employee who was also called in for the meeting to tell him how unproductive he was, “This chicken started doing pak-pak, which was far better than the bak-bak of boss.”

Mentos Chicken
A suspected chicken, who might interrupt many more human beings in future.

Similar sentiments were echoed by most people in the office who thought that the chicken did the best thing to the meeting.

“We wanted to scream in those meetings. It was always pointless and it always ended in coming up with another time for next meeting. Our suggestions had no impact. Bosses ko toh koi fark hi nahi padta! As if they were those chickens not affected by Mentos,” another employee said.

It is not yet clear from where did the chicken come and why did it interrupt the meeting, but the HR department of the company, after checking records, confirmed that the chicken was not an employee of the company.

“I think the chicken was one of those who was earlier interrupted by human beings offering them Mentos,” the HR head of the company told this reporter, “Maybe these chickens are now taking revenge by interrupting what human beings do?”

After some investigation, our reporter could confirm that this indeed was a revenge attack by the chickens, and they have been seen interrupting human beings at many places.

However, the HR department of the company is confident that the chickens can’t interrupt their work.

“We don’t have any work, so what will they interrupt!?” the HR manager explained.

Meanwhile an exclusive footage of some suspected chickens has been released by the company: