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Chocolaty things getting robbed from different parts of the city. Faking News has got exclusive list of the suspects. Read more

10, Oct 2017 By Ad-min

The idea of a perfect heist has been the stuff of many films, detective stories, novels and so on. India with its large population always offers bizarre stories related to theft and robberies. But the one making news nowadays would put a Bollywood masala flick to shame. Yes, it’s not a theft of money, ornaments or ‘Dil’ which we have been hearing since long. Mumbai is losing all its chocolaty stuff at a speed which can give competition to bullet train. Chocolaty stuffs from malls, bakeries, retail stores, households, confectionery manufacturing places and many diverse places have been targeted by the robbers. After a thorough investigation of about 10 minutes, Faking News team has arrived upon the list of suspects which would help the police force nab the culprit.

  1. Sanil Tapoor



Sanil Tapoor seems to have discovered that elusive fountain of youth. ‘You owe it to your body to treat it well’ is what the actor had said sometime back and this made us curious to know what makes him look so young and radiant. Chocolaty stuff as we all know are catalysts for a glowing skin, a healthy heart and it’s for a reason that some actors are said to possess a ‘Chocolaty’ face. It won’t be a surprise if Sanil Tapoor has been stealing at the chocolaty stuff to be youthful for many more years to come

  1. Friend Zoned guy named ‘Kandha’


Kandha has been a prolific character in many Bollywood movies. Every time we have a girl crying. Every time we have girl who is depressed, in fact every time we have a girl somewhere on this planet, there is a Kandha just besides her to give her the support. Kandhas are known to impress girls with gifts, words, money and sometimes offering their ‘shoulders’ to cry upon. Chocolaty stuffs are known to be favorite among the fairer sex and there is a huge possibility that Kandha is stealing it from all possible places just to keep the girls happy.

  1. HR department of an organization


The HR department of a company has the toughest task on their hands, to motivate people without raising their salaries, to encourage people without giving them a promotion and to not let employees know about their tricks. They organize competitions, yes, even reaching on time to office in India is also a completion in some companies. Treasure hunt is the new cool name for team building exercise in most of the companies. Chocolaty stuffs are often used as the prize for the winners. And one of the many important tasks of the HR department is to keep these chocolaty stuffs in abundance in the company.


  1. BreadNaan Lami


BreadNaan created a media frenzy in 2007, not for his achievements in the field of music but for his fit body. Much to his chagrin, 10 years laterBreadNaan Lami’s new found fitness is still a topic of conversation and he remains the poster boy for an image makeover. Many believe that BreadNaan only eats chocolaty stuffs nowadays. He has reaped the benefits of chocolaty stuffs and wants to continue the regime in future too. Learning about the fact that he doesn’t eat anything else, it would be a no brainer to guess if he is behind the theft of all Chocolaty stuff in the town.


This is a creative visualization. All the characters and incidents are imaginary and resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental, and is not intended to disparage or hurt any sentiments or beliefs.