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CID headed by ACP Pradyuman has a new task at hand, will have to find out what ‘Hanna’ is up to

02, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

We were the first ones to break the story of how ACP Pradyuman and his team had been given the task of tracing Hanna down by the CBI. If the fact, that the CBI was unable to apprehend Hanna’s next move, came as a shocker then ACP Pradyuman’s inability to do so even after three full days of investigation is all the more shocking.


Hanna’s first season premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 29th March.  But ACP Pradyuman and his team are so engrossed in cracking the case that they have no clue that people already know a lot about Hanna. This is the first time in history that ACP Pradyuman has not cracked a case in one hour. Talking about the complexities of the case, ACP Pradyuman said,” We had a look at the trailer and figured out that Hanna was raised alone in the Finnish wilderness by her father and had absolutely contact with society. The skill set her father taught her sets her apart from the crowd. But this information is not enough to come to a conclusion, as to why the CIA agent Marissa is after her and what will be Hanna’s next move. In all my previous cases we had witnesses who threw light on the incident, but in Hanna’s case I think Hanna is the only witness.”


Inspector Daya, ACP Pradyuman’s close associate is fully prepared to knock down any door which can give them any clue about Hanna, but sadly he has still not found that door. One positive though for the CID team is that they finally have a case which will likely provide them some much needed excitement in their jobs as audiences were getting bored by the same old investigation techniques.

This might as well be ACP Pradyuman’s last case at the helm of the CID and he will not want it to be a black spot on his career. There are also rumours that CID will run a contest where the person giving any clue about Hanna will be given a chance to join their team for a day. They have no clue that going by the buzz created by Hanna’s first season, there are likely to be millions of people participating in this contest. What we can do is let ACP do what he is best at and try to match his findings with the first season which is already available on Amazon Prime Video.

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