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CM Chaitu lal lists his MLAs on e-commerce site

20, Feb 2018 By Ad-min

The battle for e-commerce dominance in India has opened new doors for job opportunity and new businesses. It’s good to see that politicians are encouraging the e-commerce culture as it is bound to give great benefits to the society. Chaitu Lal, the new CM of our state has immense faith in e-commerce and according to him, MLAs and other people in power should use it more to set an example. Recently he started listing all MLAs on a reputed e-commerce site. So now we know why most e-commerce sites say that you can buy almost anything on their platform nowadays. Chaitu Lal is way ahead of our times.

Buying and selling of MLAs is a regular event in most countries and India is not far behind where people go to extreme lengths to form a government. But there are many hassles involved. Knowing the correct price of the MLA, to know if the sale is a genuine one or a trap, sting operations and the availibity of the MLAs to meet their prospective buyers being the many problems a buyer faces.


Chaitu Lal who had promised transparent governance and an ease of business in his state believes that buying a MLA from e-commerce site will make people believe that e-commerce is the future and the easy way to do business. He has fixed the rate of all MLAs and first time buyers can also avail some discount coupons.

Speaking to Faking News reporter Chaitu Lal said,” When I wanted to form government some 5 years back, I didn’t know how to buy a MLA, what price should I pay and I was also scared of sting operations. If a politician is so worried about a day-to-day transaction like this, what will happen to my citizen’s future? So I thought this was time to tackle it once and for all.”

This was just one of the many #KyaUlluBanaya instances from Chaitu Lal’s stint as the CM. The jury is out on whether Chaitu Lal is living up to people’s expectations or not, but the audience can expect guaranteed entertainment on STAR PLUS’s new show ‘Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai’ from 26th Feb at 8 PM.