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CM Chaitu Lal’s government extends lunch timings for bank employees

26, Feb 2018 By Ad-min

NPAs have been a big headache for all the state governments and much more for the central government. The recent case of Nirav Mallya, who worked with bank officials to get letters of undertaking and then cashing it overseas from different banks has really shaken the pillars of the country’s economy. Just when people were about to lose faith in the banking system, CM Chaitu Lal has stepped in with a revolutionary solution. He plans to extend the lunch timings of all bank officials in the state so that they get less time to provide loans to businessmen, which will result in fewer NPAs.

Nirav modi

Chaitu Lal had promised a strong banking system during his election rallies and has started delivering on those promises. His government will be rewarding the bank employees who take the maximum time of their daily routine in finishing their lunch. Bank branches in the state have been ordered to provide excellent canteen facilities with good seating arrangements. The whole point is to keep the employees too busy with lunch that they have no time to even think of providing loans.

Not only that, Chaitu Lal has asked people to deposit their savings into the party fund rather than the banks as it is too risky to keep hard earned money in banks which can crumble due to the rising number of loan defaulters. He has promised to provide good returns if the people keep re-electing him. It takes great courage to tweak the ancient methods and rules followed by the banking system, and Chaitu Lal has shown that he has that courage. People have finally breathed a sigh of relief and are praying that Chaitu Lal keeps his other promises too.

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