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Condom Fashion Show does not turn out to be what the boy expected

10, Feb 2015 By Ad-min

Mumbai. A couple of days back, 19 years old Manchala Mhatre attended a “Condom Fashion Show” very enthusiastically, but now he is disappointed that the show was not what he expected.

“You know… umm… a condom fashion show sounded like… I mean, you know that, no?” Manchala told this Faking News reporter.

“No,” said this reporter.

“Arey, I mean, I thought they’d show fashionable condoms, and how to wear them in various situations,” Manchala betrayed his fantasies about the show that was organized in Mumbai by Skore condoms.

Scenes like these kept Manchala hooked on to his seat despite disappointment.
Scenes like these kept Manchala hooked on to his seat, despite disappointment.

“People walking on the ramp that is made like a nude beach, and then they meet other people on the beach, and then they wear…” Manchala explained how he imagined the Condom Fashion Show to be before this reporter stopped him.

But the fashion show, instead of showing what Manchala wanted to see, showcased some outfits that had condoms used creatively to embellish modern and traditional dresses.

Around 36 teams from 11 institutes in Mumbai participated in this Fashion Show to showcase their creativity, as Manchala got increasingly restless sitting in the visitors’ gallery.

“The show was good, and there were good clothes displayed,” Manchala conceded, “But I think this is not how condoms are used. What is the use of them being attached to clothes?”

“I felt disappointed and cheated,” the young man couldn’t stop his emotions.

Skore condoms, which sponsored the show, have apologized to Manchala Mhatre for giving him wrong ideas about the “Condom Fashion Show”.

“It was never our intention to fill him with wrong hope,” a representative from the company clarified, “This show was to use awareness among youth to practice safe sex and to remove embarrassment people feel while taking about condoms. We are sorry to Manchala that he thought we were going to do something else on the stage.”