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Deepika Padukone gets stuck in an elevator, Bollywood in panic mode

18, Apr 2017 By Ad-min

It would come to you as a huge revelation that even celebrities take elevators once in a while. We still don’t have a technology which can carry the celebrity directly to the destination floor which has to be reached. Recently we had Bollywood’s top actress Deepika Padukone stuck in a malfunctioned elevator.

Our Faking News reporters are working extra time to figure out what may have happened in the lift or how Deepika would have kept her calm in this adverse situation. We had heard Anu Malik sing ‘Unchi hai building, lift teri bandh hai’, and well in Deepika’s case it did come true. Our reporters got access to the exclusive footage of Deepika entering the lift. It is right here for you to see.

Deepika was scheduled to give an interview about her next project and even before she could talk about her next project, she had to take a new project, the project named ‘Getting out of an elevator’. The footage does show a stranger, in this case a housekeeping person who is also stuck with Deepika. Well someone does gain from an adverse situation, and in this case there is no prize for guessing who it is.

The news spread like fire in forest and in a blink of an eye we had producers, directors and media persons reaching the spot. We are told that the directors had scripts in their hands to narrate them to Deepika as getting her time during normal days is as tough as getting her time during normal days. We also happened to speak to the lift maintenance guy who conveyed that the lift had been serviced just few days back which makes us more curious. Is Deepika preparing for her next role, which may demand her to be in the lift for a sizeable amount of time? Well, with the ever increasing space for off-beat movies, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

We would try to bring you the exact happenings as soon as we get in touch in Deepika and meanwhile you may keep praying that someday your lift malfunctions and you have someone like Deepika to spend time with. Well, only someone like Deepika has the aura to convert a lift-malfunctioning-story into a story of hope and optimism.

(Disclaimer: Content in this article is a work of fiction. This is an imaginary incident as part of Coca-Cola’s latest TVC with Deepika)