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Despite having backlogs, Engineering students are taking things rather lightly, Here’s why

09, Mar 2017 By Ad-min

The thought of having the dreaded backlog is enough to instill fear in the mind of any engineering student, but not the ones studying in Lovely College of Engineering.

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As per the reports, students of the college from the Mechanical Engineering stream were found taking their academics lightly despite having accumulated backlogs from their previous academic sessions.

Many college students who previously spent entire nights copying assignments, were now seen strolling in the garden and playing games on the intranet. “We have given them enough assignments to make them spend sleepless nights for the rest of the year. But even that barely had any effect on them,” said a professor.

Accepting their inability to keep students awake the entire night with countless assignments, faculty members have now taken moral responsibility and even offered to resign.

Though students might appear to be nonchalant, college authorities are not taking this lightly and efforts are on to find out the reason behind the ‘take it easy policy’, which is now spreading to students from other departments too.

A 4-member investigation team, which was formed to consider this matter, will be submitting its report soon. While speaking to our reporter, one of the members from the team said, “Initially we thought it’s something in the hostel food. Maybe the food quality had improved. But that was ruled out after we inspected the samples. The daal had enough water as usual and the rotis were rock hard. We flung a few on the floor and the tiles cracked. So, canteen food gets a clean chit.”

Sources say it will be another week before the team submits its report, raising the chances of students being affected.

In an effort to solve the mystery, Faking News carried out its own investigation by speaking to the ‘affected group’ and getting a firsthand account.

Apparently, a video which was shared among the students a few weeks back, is said to be the root cause of the unusual behavior.

The video shows the protagonist wearing a Fastrack Lightweight watch which seems to be the reason for him taking everything lightly.

“Yes it’s true. The video just pulls you in. The protagonist in the video is called Ray and you so badly want to be like him. Completely lightweight, no stress and no worries. Something which is unthinkable in engineering. Maybe that’s why the video is a hit among the fraternity. They all want to be like him,” said Gaurav Gupta, a third-year student.

The video seems to have influenced a lot of students across India, most of them even went ahead and got themselves a Fastrack Lightweight watch.

Readers can check out the video below and decide if they’d want to be like Ray.