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After developing a habit of constantly shifting gears in traffic, employee regularly spills coffee on his desk due to sudden hand movements

19, Feb 2018 By Ad-min

‘On Indian roads, safest driving policy is to always assume that you will reach your destination late with a few quarrels on your route. Not only is the traffic moving at a snail’s pace in most of the major cities, the less than expected quality of driving adds up to the menace. Most of the cars on Indian roads work on manual transmission and the day is not far when people will be born with stronger hands as part of evolution to make them easily shift gears. Sanil Jain, a techie in Bengaluru has been developing some weird habits due to the constant shifting of gears during his to-fro journey to his office.


If navigating through slow moving traffic was a problem he triumphed over, there were some bigger problems awaiting. Sudden jerks which his body experienced due to the good quality potholes constantly made his body shake even when he was not driving. Sometimes he would start break dancing during a client presentation, sometimes punching a colleague sitting next to him. Even while walking he used to be cautious of the fact that he doesn’t crash into someone and so walked very slowly and shouted at people walking in front of him.

The problems were highlighted in a big way when Sanil was seen spilling coffee on his desk by his colleagues. A habit which started as a mistake has taken full control over Sanil’s hand movements nowadays. As soon as he brings Coffee to his desk, there is a sudden urge to move the coffee mug in a way similar to that of moving the gear stick in his car. At first, his colleagues thought that he was playing a prank on them but soon realized that the problem is way bigger than what they initially thought. Yesterday was the worst of all, when during a project review meet, Sanil spilled coffee over the very important project report.shutterstock_329811512

Thankfully for him though there was a person near him who had faced similar issues in the past. His manager Smart Shwetank, who after a driving experience of almost 15 years is considered to be a legend in navigating through tough driving conditions. Very often he is seen carrying a coffee mug in his car without facing any spillage, forget about spilling coffee on a stable desk. His only advice to Sanil was to shift to automatic cars. Soon they together started searching for such cars in Indian market. Most of the articles and reviews were around the newly launched Datsun redi-GO Smart Drive Auto. ‘Equipped with a 5-speed Smart Drive Auto unit, the new redi-GO AMT promises to be an easy and fun to drive city car’, said one of those articles. ‘the best-priced AMT car in the country, said the other.

With the appraisal season approaching soon, it would be a big risk on your part to spoil your image in a meeting, or for that matter soil your project report with coffee. And that is what Sanil realized and went for a test drive at the nearest Datsun showroom.

Not only did he recover from spilling coffee, he got rid of the sudden jerk issues with the best-in-class ground clearance of Datsun redi-GO helping him sail through the bad terrains easily. His work efficiency has made people envious of him. Sanil’s time in office nowadays is divided into two parts, first part obviously is working without spilling coffee and the second part is letting the secret of his new found work efficiency to the fellow colleagues. Not just this, the redi-GO comes equipped with dual driving mode, rush hour mode and best-in-class ground clearance, so that you can tackle the everyday traffic without a hassle. Choose #TheBetterAMT.

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