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After disliking the second half of many movies, Bollywood fan files PIL requesting filmmakers to provide alternate endings in their films

04, Sep 2017 By Ad-min

There exists a clique of die-hard Bollywood fans who are unabashedly loyal to the world of song and dance. But what sets Mr. Sanil Jain apart is that he pursued only three hobbies since his childhood: watching movies, talking about movies, and planning to watch more movies. And he’s gone to great lengths to watch these films too. He once pretended to be Teja saying ‘Teja mein hoon, mark idhar hai’ and took his pre-booked tickets from the counter. Another time, he participated in a dance-off to acquire movie tickets. Thanks to the immense practice he had while running around trees, he succeeded.

However, the bigger the fan, the bigger is the disappointment of watching mediocre films. We all know about the curse of the second half in Bollywood movies, so how could Sanil be spared from it?After watching some of the latest releases, he completely lost faith in the second half; just like the makers who lost interest while making it.

He was determined to find a way to get filmmakers to create better second halves of their films. So he suggested a first-half ticket that would allow people to just watch the first half and leave. He even posted his suggestion on social media platforms. But all in vain. However, Sanil said ‘ek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh mein apne baap ki bhi nahin sunta’. He finally decided to file a PIL in a Mumbai court requesting producers to provide alternate endings in films for the audience to choose from.

As he waited for the court to announce the hearing date—just like he waited for something engaging in the second half of Bollywood movies—Sanil took this free time to think about how he would secure popular movies’ endings if he had his way.He thought about ‘Grudge Knee’, where the protagonist had tattooed the name of villains all over his body. But what would happen after he killed them?He’d die of boredom. Maybe if he had tattooed his insurance premium due dates his life would be more secure; giving him something to look forward to.

While the Mumbai court kept giving him ‘taareekh pe taarekh’, Sanil thought about Tina from ‘Bohot Kuch Hota Hai’. He wondered how she could have realised her awesomeness and been a singing icon had her life been insured. She could have even continued her legacy through other aspiring performers.

Even in the blockbuster ‘Show Le’, what if there was a chance of a secure ending; one where Gabbar achieves his dreams? If Thakur had used the money he got from the insurance policies of his family members, then maybe he could have helped Gabbar become a better person. That way Jai and Veeruwould still be riding that scooter with a sidecar.

The thought of so many Bollywood movies not getting a chance to secure their endings made Sanil think about his own life’s security. How would he help his family if something unfortunate happened to him? Well, all his questions were answered with HDFC Life’s   range of offerings. At least his family will have a story to tell his grandchildren with a blockbuster ending!