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DSLR Company launches camera with dual sim to compete with OPPO mobile phones

01, May 2017 By Ad-min

Picking a good quality camera was a big life decision few years back. But not anymore, as smartphones loaded with camera features are turning the camera industry redundant. Customers always want something extra for the price they pay and they are hesitant in investing in a device which only captures photos. Even there is joke doing the rounds that if you give the customer a camera and a smartphone, he/she will click the photo of the camera from the smartphone camera and upload it on social media sites.

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OPPO has been at the forefront of providing excellent cameras in their smartphones, and passionate photographers are finding it easy to shift from the heavy DSLRs to the well-crafted OPPO F3 Plus phones. Even the employees and senior management personnel of the DSLR companies are seen using the smartphones to click pictures. People actually think that if the time spent on researching about buying a DSLR is spent on going outdoors and clicking photos with OPPO F3 Plus, a person can become a professional photographer.

To restrict the sliding sales number, Kippon, the leading DSLR Company has launched cameras with dual sim features to compete with OPPO. Talking to our Faking News reporter the company executive had this to say,” Dual sim phones are a hit nowadays, as people try to benefit from lucrative offers from mobile operators. And on top of that mobile companies are providing good quality cameras, which is taking our customers away from our showrooms. We had photographers, college students, and art people lining up the showrooms for our DSLRs, but not anymore, as they want a fully loaded gadget at a price much lesser than the DSLR. With this launch, we want to bring our customers back.”

The new camera will have two sim-card slots along with the regular camera features. Going forward the company also wants to integrate GPS, Android operating system and calling features to compete with OPPO F3 Plus. DSLR companies are also thinking of tying up with mobile operators to provide lucrative voice plus data deals for the initial buyers of the dual sim cameras.

We will have to wait and watch whether this step attracts more customers towards it. OPPO meanwhile wants to focus on doing what it does best, and that is to provide the best in class camera features in its smartphones without using gimmicks to lure customers.

(the image in the article has been clicked from an OPPO F3 Plus)