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Dubsmash crashes due to over usage and excessive load

27, Oct 2015 By Ad-min

The trendiest App on the block Dubsmash is the newest fever in town. People of all age groups are losing their mind creating short video clips dubbed with famous sounds. Reportedly, the Dubsmash mania came to a sudden halt in India on Monday when the dubbing App crashed due to excessive load.

Investigations revealed that the over usage was a result of an ebullient chunk of people dubbing on Amazon’s Diwali sale jingle. The peppy tune has actually taken over listeners’ minds and has become the most popular hum of the nation.

A confused Dubsmash India representative said, “We’re unsure if we should be happy that more and more people are using Dubsmash now or worried about maintaining the stability of our platform while the whole of India is recording their versions of the Amazon Jingle.”

The jingle is going viral on Dubsmash with people wildly grooving to it or singing it vivaciously in their own videos. Even celebrities took to this platform to record their own clips dancing to this jingle. Famous choreographer, director and actor Prabhu Deva is seen rocking to this tune in a Dubsmash video with his son that he shared with his fans on Twitter.

The other two celebrities who took to Twitter and posted their fun dance on the jingle are Shilpa Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha.

The two glamorous actresses are seen dancing and enacting to the jingle without inhibitions and totally enjoying the moment.

Just like in the TVC, the people have indeed gone fanatical over the tune and the sale we believe. The jingle is playing all over, right from the TV sets, radio stations to local trains. It has flooded the cities with its beats.

Hope Dubsmash finds a way to get out of a breakdown that a viral frenzy like this can cause. While people of India go dhadak dhadak to the jingle, the hope is Dubsmash hangs in there with more Dubsmash users flocking in to groove to the jingle.