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Electricity bills in North India gone down by 80%, political parties scamper to take credit

31, Mar 2016 By Ad-min

New Delhi: The success of Delhi CM’s poll plank of reducing electricity bills may be debatable, but the rest of North India is definitely witnessing a strange phenomenon of reducing power bills since February.

The curious case of reducing electricity bill
The curious case of reducing electricity bill

Electricity bills in many parts in North have gone down by as much as 80%. Sources attribute this to increasing trend among people of using front camera flash to light their apartments.

A report by the Electricity Dept. revealed the statistics even as senior officials, who refused to validate this trend, were investigating the possibility of calculation mistake in arriving at the bill amount.

“It’s almost an 80% drop in the bill amount. Something like this has never happened before. I mean people here are used to inflated bills. Had it been an 80% hike, we wouldn’t have bothered. But such low bills need investigation. This front camera flash thing sounds too good to be true. Our reputation is at stake and even the media is asking questions,” said the Chief Engineer at the Electricity Department with a worried look on his face.

The curious case of reduced electricity bills has now taken half of the country by storm. Sources say a selfie that went viral on social media last week is responsible for the trend that is now getting international attention.

Monty Khurana, a self-confessed selfie addict, and the man behind the ‘reduced electricity bills’ phenomenon spoke to Faking News and said, “I just purchased InFocus Bingo 21 and as usual started taking selfies. I uploaded a few selfies on social media and immediately got comments from my friend. I thought the comments would be about how good looking I am, but I was wrong. One of my friends asked me as to how I had electricity in my house when the entire area had power outage.”

“That’s when it dawned to me that the front camera flash from my new smartphone was the reason I didn’t realize the absence of lights,” he added as he turned on the front camera flash to take a selfie with our reporter.

With summer fast approaching many people are using their smartphones to save themselves from the pangs of load shedding. “If this news about electricity bills is true, I’d rather buy an InFocus Bingo 21 than an inverter. Also, I am planning to get rid of all the bulbs in the house,” said Bulbinder Singh, a resident of Paschim Vihar.

Political parties that promised reduced electricity bills prior to elections are now taking credit for the 80% drop in bill amount. “We promised to reduce the burden on the common man and look, just after a year in power we have honored our commitment,” said the chief of the ruling political party amidst cheers from his supporters.

Meanwhile, Monty Khurana, who attributes his transformation from a guy next door to a social media celeb to his InFocus Bingo 21 smartphone, is more than just a happy man. Check out how Monty Khurana not only took some fabulous selfies but also managed to bring down his power bills with the front camera flash of his InFocus Bingo 21 smartphone.