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Emotional reunion for family members living in same house after internet outage forces them to come face-to-face with each other

18, Jan 2017 By Ad-min

It was an emotional moment for Arora family living in Vasant Kunj area of Delhi after internet outage forced them to come face-to-face with each other. Some of them even claimed to have met after a gap of 5 years.

The Chaturbhuj temple in Orchha which the family visited while on a vacation to Madhya Pradesh

The Arora couple with their teenage kids and grandmother were reduced to tears after the reunion.

Speaking to Faking News Balbinder Arora said, “It took me some time to realize that the strangers standing in front of me were my family members. They all look so different in their Whatsapp DP’s. But I am happy that finally we found each other again.”

Mr. Arora’s words sounded like a family that had been playing hide and seek for 5 years.

Apparently the family had their own Whatsapp group and all conversation from ‘wishing each other good morning’ to ‘a call for having meals together’ were done through social media.

“The day used to start with my good morning messages and we used to share memes and videos on the group. Even while scolding my son for not cleaning his room, I used to send him an angry emoji. And surprisingly it worked. Never felt the need to meet anyone in person,” said Mrs Arora, who holds the important designation of being the admin of the family group.

“But on that fateful day, as Wifi and internet stopped working, the entire family converged in the living room. Using an old family photograph, we tried to identify each other,” she added.

After the identification parade ended, emotional scenes straight out of a Bollywood movie were witnessed. With every one hugging each other, they blessed the internet company for providing pathetic services.

Smartphone addiction, as that witnessed in the case of aforementioned family, is increasing at an alarming rate.

Psychiatrist Baldev Chaddha, who runs his Hope and Harmony clinic in the city, sees a regular stream of visitors who want to rid themselves of their smartphone obsession.

“This social media is not serving the purpose that it intended to. Just yesterday I met a patient in my clinic who was so busy with his smartphone that he climbed a mountain unknowingly. Only to be rescued later. People are getting in all sorts of trouble and this Arora family story is just tip of the iceberg,” he said emphatically.

Though it may seem that a counselling session at Mr. Chaddha’s clinic would be the first step in helping the family to ‘stay in touch’ literally, they seem to have a better plan.

To celebrate their rediscovery, the family is now planning to embark on vacation to Orchha in Madhya Pradesh. “We’d like to spend less time travelling and more time with each other. I can’t think of any other place than Orchha. The unique landscape makes you feel like you are travelling back in time. Just the right thing for our family where we can travel back to the time when were all together. Besides, there are some great tourist attractions such as the incredible air coolers of Orchha, the marvelous architecture of Raja Ram Temple and not to forget the majestic Jehangir temple. A perfect itinerary if u ask me,” said Balbinder as he browsed through images of Orchha on MP tourism site.