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Employee gets a dream appraisal while sleeping in office

22, Nov 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Sleeping in office
The dream appraisal – how it began.

Mumbai. Professionals work hard to get a dream appraisal, but Rahul Sonewala, a 23-year-old marketing executive got it while he was sleeping in his office.

It’s not yet known if Mr. Sonewala was asleep due to overeating during the lunch break or because he was overburdened with work i.e. updating his Facebook status with ‘feeling excited’ messages during office hours, but colleagues confirm that he was sleeping like a log.

“He opened his laptop, stared a few minutes into the screen, and then closed the lid before falling asleep on his desk,” Manisha, one of the colleagues of Rahul, gave the job description of Rahul Sonewala to this reporter.

While his colleagues were enjoying the sight of him sleeping in office and made videos to be uploaded on Facebook, Rahul experienced a dream appraisal in his sleep.

“You need a 500% raise in your salary, and the company will give you a 4 BHK luxurious flat in Worli,” Rahul’s boss patted his back during the appraisal meeting, “Top management is impressed with the way you changed that slide in the corporate presentation to include 4 bullet points instead of just 3.”

Not only that, Rahul saw, in his dream as he slept in the office, that his boss gave him A+ on all parameters in the appraisal feedback form and wrote “He is perfect” under the “Area(s) for improvement” field.

Under the “Further training(s) needed”, the boss went on to write “2 weeks as Group CEO”, something that Rahul was slightly satisfied with, in his dream.

The dream appraisal was still going on when reports last came in. These details were sourced by Faking News after contacting Leonardo DiCaprio of the Inception fame. Experts believe that this appraisal could end on a very sore note if Rahul doesn’t wake up soon.

Following is an exclusive video (among many) of what was actually happening in the real word while Rahul slept: