Employee regularly reaches office late as he stops after every 100 mtrs to check if his two wheeler has been damaged

28, Apr 2017 By Ad-min

We’ve all heard some weird reasons employees give for reaching office late. But the reason given by a man in Hyderabad takes the cake, and has been a major talking point since last week. We are talking about Mr. Lohit Shetty, who works for an MNC in Hyderabad and commutes to work on his two wheeler. The fear of his vehicle getting dented by nearby automobiles in the heavy traffic makes him stop umpteen times on the road, and subsequently making him very late to work.

hyderabad traffic

Hyderabad traffic is a nightmare for people on two wheelers, with vehicles speeding past close enough to have you driving with your heart in your mouth. And this makes Lohit stop every 100 meters to check whether his bike is still undamaged or not. He even carries some tools like a magnifying lens to check for the smallest of damages. He takes a second opinion from his fellow riders and he only starts riding after being 100% sure that his vehicle is safe.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Lohit and he had this to say, “After investing so much on a bike, it only make sense to keep it damage-free, and it is challenging in this chaotic traffic. When I asked my bike dealer about how to keep my bike damage-free, he advised me to check its condition every now and then. The repair costs are so high that reaching office late and working for extra hours makes more sense than speeding up while commuting to office.”

The story doesn’t end here. Lohit faced a moment of awkward silence when his boss asked him whether he has a ‘two-wheeler insurance’. Fed up with his continuous excuses of the traffic making him late, his boss finally conveyed his views. Lohit had never heard of a two-wheeler insurance and it took him some time to come out of the shock of hearing of such a marvelous product.

There are many people around us who are in constant fear of their vehicle getting damaged and resort to weird stuff to protect their vehicles. For such people Bajaj Allianz offers hassle free two-wheeler insurance.

Lohit had to suffer a moment of awkward silence because of his ignorance. But we hope his story makes you realize the benefits of a two-wheeler insurance. Especially one that can extend for up to 3 years, just like the one offered by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.