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Employees asked to wear pocket less clothes after Tata Sky launches "Pocket mein TV"

25, Nov 2013 By Ad-min

Bangalore. Tata Sky’s new “Pocket Mein TV” has caused some HR executives to swing into action as they foresee employees watching TV on their mobiles. These companies have come up with a new uniform code – shirts and trousers that don’t have pockets.

“Pocket mein TV”

“Well it’s a good innovation,” an HR manager with a leading IT company reacted about the latest mobile app by Tata Sky, “But we fear productivity of employees going down as they will find a ready made mode of entertainment.”

The manager confirmed that he would himself watch his favorite TV serials on the mobile, but as part of his duty, he will stop the employees from doing so.

“The logic is same why we ban Facebook and Twitter in offices – to increase productivity,” the manager said as he updated his Facebook status to “watching TV in office – feeling relaxed.

Sources say that many HR managers are worried about “Pocket mein TV” message of the latest Tata Sky ad to be more deadly that “Pocket mein rocket” message of the Ranbir Kapoor starrer movie, which showed employees starting their own business while drawing salaries from the company.

“While not many employees plan to become entrepreneurs like Rocket Singh, they will surely love to watch movies like that while working!” a source explained the worry of HR managers. Expectedly, employees are upset with this move.

“Thanks to low salaries, we could never enjoy deep pockets, but with this Tata Sky mobile app would have allowed us to have TV inside our pockets, at least giving us a feeling of having deep pockets!” Ram Krishna, a software engineer said.