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Employees shocked to see a co-worker happy on Monday morning

25, Mar 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. Employees of Brainblast Consulting Services (BCS) were shocked to find one among them being unusually cheerful and happy on a Monday morning – a time when all of them rue the return of the working hours.

“We were especially shocked that it was Garamendra Krodhi, who was swearing like Virat Kohli when he missed watching the final day of the Mohali test match last Monday, but this Monday he was cool as MS Dhoni,” Mohit, a software tester at BCS said.

Initially BCS employees thought that Garamendra was happy over the Delhi test ending in three days, and thus making it a decent Monday morning, but soon they realized that Garamendra was suddenly happy with everything in the office.

Naramendra happy on a Monday morning

“He even went on and thanked the guys in the HR department for canceling his leave application; he had planned to take leave tomorrow and have an extended Holi. In fact, he said that he’d even work on Holi if the management wanted!” Mohit recalled.

The usual hotheaded Garamendra was the first one to reach office and he greeted everyone with a smile as they walked in with a rather morose mood.

“He was no longer Garamendra,” Mohit claimed, “We think he has become Naramendra!”

A coolheaded Garamendra confirmed that he was enjoying his first Monday at his seventh job in the last two years even after fully exhausting this month’s salary on the weekends.

“I don’t know what makes people so upset about Mondays or worried about future. Even I used to be, but no more,” he said, and offered a chocolate to the housekeeping boy who sneezed in his cup of coffee by mistake. There was no trace of anger on his face as he got up from his seat.

“Poor guy has caught cold it seems,” the coolest-employee-on-a-Monday offered his sympathies and walked away to fetch a fresh cup of coffee from the vending machine, leaving the housekeeping boy stunned and overawed.

Unable to believe their eyes, employees of BCS are planning to take the changed Garamendra forcibly to a doctor. They believe that so much happiness on a Monday morning could give wrong signals to the management.

“We don’t want those guys in the HR and Accounts departments to assume that we are happy with everything and don’t need any increment!” feared a BCS employee.