Employees start leaving office early to practice the art of ‘leaving early’ during IPL matches

30, Mar 2017 By Ad-min

IPL 2017 is round the corner, and as they promise every time it’s bigger and better. IPL always leads the primetime TV ratings during April and May as employees, businessmen, and students try to reach home before the night match starts. In fact there is an office in Mumbai where employees have already started leaving early in the evening from office to practice the art of ‘leaving early’ during the IPL matches.

We are talking about ‘ConsultUs IT services’ company which is one of the famous IT services company in Mumbai. The company has been looking at a growing trend of employees leaving early in the evening by providing silly reasons. This, according to their HR department, is part of practicing the art of leaving early when the actual IPL starts.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with one of the delivery managers at ConsultUs to get some insights of this interesting story. Mr. Narayanswamy Murthyganesh, who heads a team of ten had this to say, “Since last week, one or the other member from my team has been leaving early. It’s like a planned game. I get to hear some silliest reasons from my team when they leave early. The other day one member said that he has to go out with his girlfriend, the whole team knows that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Then we had someone who was not feeling well as he was on fast, but we saw him eat lunch during the afternoon. In fact yesterday, Prakash who works under me said he has to take his wife out for shopping, I mean who leaves office early to take wife for shopping, in fact people work extra hours in office to avoid going shopping with their wives.”

Mr Narayanswamy is not concerned about employees leaving early, but it is their habit of giving weird reasons which bugs him. According to him, the employees should be honest enough to say that they are practicing for the upcoming IPL season.

In fact the company HR department is so cooperative that they have installed UC news application in mobile phones of all employees, so that they don’t miss out on any IPL updates while they are in office or they are travelling. “We advised our employees that if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you may miss the first innings of the match; so it’s better to leave from office during the innings break and follow the first innings scores and updates on UC news while working in office. This way they can enjoy the whole match without being anxious during their commute back home,” said the HR director.

Well, this story is an example of converting an adverse situation into a productive one just with the help of an easy to use mobile application.