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Engineering student forgets where he hid a condom four years ago

30, Mar 2015 By Ad-min

New Delhi. In a bizarre incident that has left almost everyone shocked, a final year engineering college student couldn’t find a packet of condom he had hidden in his hostel room around four years ago.

This failure by Kamdev Verma, a 21-year-old mechanical engineer, has confused and shocked everyone related to engineering and biology streams.

“Why did he even try to find something? Have you seen how does a hostel room of an engineering student look? Even if you put any elephant, it will get lost!” a fellow engineering student expressed his shock.

Others are not sure why would an engineering student need a condom.

“An engineer? And that too a mechanical engineer! Seriously? For what? Carrying nuts and bolts in a portable polythene bag?” a second year engineering student shot back, “Kamdev is clearly lying. I think he never had any condoms to begin with.”

But Kamdev Verma claims that he indeed had bought a pack of Skore condoms when he got admission. He thought his days of being a “mamma’s boy” was over and he was on his way to become a man in an engineering college.

“A bhaiyya in my colony said that I will get many opportunities. So I secretly bought a condom and hid it in a book. Now I can’t find it,” Kamdev told Faking News, though he refused to disclose if he indeed got any “opportunity”.

“I had hidden it in a book, because that’s the best place where no one would have know about it,” he said, “After all, not many engineering students open books!”

And it was a special book. I bought it along with the packet of condoms,” he revealed, “No one had even the faintest of the idea of what it contained inside.”

The Book, by Skore condoms
This is where Kamdev had smartly hid the condoms, but now he can’t find the book.

Sources (his friends) say that Kamdev was smiled at by a local girl who had come to the campus to take part in the ongoing cultural festival. This filled the young man with hope of scoring.

“Yes, he was very excited!” Kamdev’s roommate disclosed, “The cultural festival ends tomorrow. I think the poor guy has lost all opportunity and he will graduate with no experience.”

“He will have to be happy with those 100 GB of hard disk experience only,” he added with a win.

Latest reports suggest that Kamdev was frantically trying to recall if he had mistakenly given ‘the book’ to someone.

“It was a book on social sciences. I had chosen them among all the options as a normal engineer would have found it too boring to check the inside pages,” he recalled, “But shit! Looks like my dad took it with him when he was here during last vacations.”

“Oh god! I hope he didn’t try to read it!” he dreaded, “Or I will get to open that kind of book only after I get married.”