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Engineering students happy with new deodorant that lasts longer, postpone bathing

05, Apr 2016 By Ad-min

New Delhi. Engineering students across the country heaved a collective sigh of relief after Cinthol released a new deodorant that promised to last three times longer, thus bailing out many from the daily bathing travails.

Engineering student all set to attend lecture without bathing, thanks to Cinthol Deostick

“It is not like that we don’t enjoy taking bath,” said Ankit Gupta, a mechanical engineer from Lucky College of Engineering (LCE) who bought the new deodorant, “But we have so much other things to do – play computer games, add girls on Facebook, indulge in Mauka Mauka online after cricket matches, and so on – hence we don’t get time to take bath.”

Ankit further said that the new deodorant, which happens to be a cream based Deostick and not the usual deo-spray, was released just at the right moment after India lost to West Indies in World T20 cup.

“I wished to see Dhoni collecting stumps, but I’m happy collecting these sticks,” he said as he showed us his collection of 6 Cinthol Deosticks.

Batchmates of Ankit confirm that the entire campus is excited about the new product. “After India lost to West Indies in T20 match, we were in no mood to do anything, leave alone taking a bath. At least one of our problems is solved,” another student confirmed.

Even those who have not postponed taking a bath are latching on to the Cinthol Deostick.

“I always had body odor issues. The problem was so bad that I was scared to lift my arms and always kept them close to my body. Even though I knew most of the answers, I never raised my arm in the class to answer them. When I had food in the canteen, my friends spoon-fed me. I was better known in the college as ‘Sholay ka Thakur’. I lived with that tag for 3 years,” said Dilpreet Dhillon, a third year student at LCE, now relieved to have found a savior in the Deostick.

Not only students, but others are also happy with the launch of Deostick, calling it a much needed product.

“Not only it will save water, but it will also help in curbing air pollution,” the warden of a hostel at Lucky College of Engineering told Faking News. “I am seeing these boys so excited for the first time. They didn’t really bother when deodorants promised to help them win girls. Maybe this is what they were waiting for – long lasting, easy to carry, and easy on pocket.”

It’s not yet clear how long engineering students will postpone bathing after this new Deostick, but experts say that it won’t have any negative effects.

Meanwhile, students living in the hostel are optimistic that the Rs. 69 price tag of the Deostick will encourage everyone to buy it instead of resorting to the usual practice of borrowing things and not returning them back.