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Engineering students welcome Red Bull Airdrop, want girlfriends dropped next

25, Jul 2014 By Ad-min

Red Bull airdrop
A group of students surprised to find a Red Bull crate on their college campus

Mumbai. Many colleges across India were pleasantly surprised to find crates carrying Red Bull energy drink cans airdropped on to the campus on Thursday morning.

These crates were attached to parachutes and were apparently dropped from helicopters, as a leaked video suggest:

While most of the colleges wondered who dropped the cans from the sky, students of an engineering college wondered if they could get lucky and the benevolent “dropper” could airdrop a few girlfriends for them next time.

“This was badly needed given the kind of bad food and drinks we get in the hostel mess,” said Dheeraj, a 3rd year mechanical engineering student sipping his Red Bull, “But apart from good food, there is another scarcity we face – lack of girls on campuses. I thank them for fixing our energy levels with this drink, but hope that next time they would help us fix the sex ratio on campus. We don’t need to pull all-nighters just for exams you know…”

Red Bull airdrop
Unconfirmed sources claimed that they saw helicopters carrying Red Bull crates

Dheeraj and his friends were least bothered to know who could be behind dropping the crates.

“We have heard that Red Bull is under investigation and authorities are trying to find out if they breached no-fly zones over our campus by using helicopters to airdrop the cans,” Dheeraj said, “But we don’t see it as any security threat. In fact, we feel secure that someone is aware of what we want.”

“We want girlfriends!” he added.

When asked if it was not irrational to imagine girls falling from sky, Dheeraj said that that was the only hope left for mechanical engineers like him.

“We have tried everything – from buying fancy clothes to going to malls in the city, but girls just won’t stick around. Even the atheists among us have become believers and we have been praying to god to change our relationship status. Now if god sends girls, obviously they will drop from the sky, isn’t it?” Dheeraj asked.

“Today it is Red Bull, tomorrow it will be lady in red,” he imagined the next airdrop.

When contacted, Red Bull refused to comment either on the charges of breaching no-fly zones or on the hopes of engineering students.

“Red Bull gives you wings, and it can give wings to your imagination too,” a law enforcement official commented on conditions of anonymity.