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Ever made fake Goa plans after over drinking? Kingfisher’s KFit band with ALCOSENSE TM technology is surely for you !

01, Apr 2018 By Ad-min

Goa is always on top of a bachelor’s list in India. Some go for its beaches, low-cost drinks and some for the party culture. And it really irritates you when the plan gets canceled. While there are some 500 reasons people usually give for such cancellations, the most common one obviously is the ‘We were high when we made the plan’.

Goa plans are like bubbles, anyone can make one but they don’t last too long. Even if your social life is practically non-existent, you will still be asked for a Goa plan. The biggest reason of cancellation of the Goa plan is the initiation of the plan itself, and that is problem KFit band promises to tackle, by making you realize that such plans should not be made after crossing the drinking limit.

It’s very important to understand the whole cycle here. First, your phone will blow up with infinite messages on the WhatsApp group made for The Goa Trip. And most importantly, you will also muster up the courage to ask for permission from your parents. But, then just on the day when you are booking the tickets, a friend of yours will drop that most feared message. “Bhai, iss baar nahi ho payega, next month chale?. But deep inside you will know that the plan was made when you were completely drunk with your close buddies and was never going to be a successful one.


Shwetank Srivastava, a techie from Mumbai has experienced the heartbreak many times. It’s a never-ending cycle. Getting good news, celebrating with friends, having a pint of beer, then another one, and one more, making a Goa plan and then canceling it just on the day of the journey.

Shwetank always hoped there was a system which would prevent him from making such fake plans. He had tried many alternatives like setting up reminders on his mobile, asking his wife to call up at a particular time and stop him from over drinking, but all in vain.

All that is going to change for good. KF, the King of Good Times realizes that canceling a seriously made Goa plan never results in a good time for you and your buddies. KFit band is not just another fitness band but in fact a revolutionary invention for mankind.

KFit Band is an outcome of years of consumer studies coupled with intense testing. The answer to ‘How much is too much’. The KFit band is created with ALCOSENSE technology. The band excels in analyzing your sweat content and body temperature and helps determine the blood alcohol content.  It can be a perfect gifting option for a caring girlfriend to his boyfriend. Even for fathers who don’t want their sons to make a wrong decision after over drinking, this can be a great present.