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Everest climber faints on day 1 of house hunting in the city

11, Mar 2016 By Ad-min

Gurgaon: Bahadur Singh, a mountaineer who has scaled the Everest on two occasions, was brought to a private hospital in an unconscious state after a few hours of house hunting in the city.

Climbing the Everest less tedious than house hunting

A medical report released by the hospital revealed low blood pressure and dehydration as possible reasons for loss of consciousness.

Faking News reporter spoke to Bahadur Singh to find out why someone who managed to brave the harsh conditions of the Everest, fizzled out with a few hours of looking around for a house.

“Given my mountaineering skills, I thought house hunting would be a piece of cake. Never before did I experience such physical exhaustion as I did when I had to run from one end of the city to other, just looking for the perfect house. And I was told by the broker that there were more properties that we needed to visit. That’s when I blacked out,” said Mr. Singh as he wearily peeled an orange, helped by family members surrounding his hospital bed.

Mr. Singh has been advised bed rest by the doctor and ‘house hunting’ has been completely ruled out for at least a few weeks.

However, this has not dampened the spirits of the ace mountaineer who embarked on a virtual house hunt armed with a laptop. “The only choice left for me now is to look for a house online. Been through many sites, but found to be the best. They have maximum property listings I have come across on the internet. Now I am wondering, what took me so long to check out the site.”

“What I particularly liked about the site is the amount of in-depth information they have related to the property. Now I can compare properties, know about project details, price trends and more such information all at the same place,” he said as he turned his laptop, giving us a glimpse of a property that caught his interest.

It seemed like no one could distract Mr. Singh as he carefully prepared a shortlist of properties after scanning every listing that interested him.

Meanwhile, a few enterprising individuals are now marketing ‘house hunting’ as an adventure sport and are already seeing their business going north. “River rafting, trekking and scaling Everest are passé. ‘House hunting’ is the latest craze amongst adventure seekers,” said Rocky Sharma, who runs the website