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After failing to trace ‘Hanna’, CBI approaches ACP Pradyuman for help

28, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Remember how the paps abandoned Taimur Ali Khan and focussed their attention on Hanna. The buzz has not stopped one bit since news of the story broke out. Initial reports suggest that the Mumbai Police department was trying to trace her down and apprehend her next move. A special squad has been set up for this operation which is renowned for resolving high profile cases in a matter of days. However, they haven’t been able to find any traces of Hanna which prompted the authorities to transfer the case to the CBI.


The CBI today in its press briefing said that the case is extremely complex and have approached ACP Pradyuman from the CID to help them solve the case. ACP Pradyuman has a record-breaking streak of cracking the most mind-boggling cases within a 40-minute episode and has been doing so for the last 20 years with a 100% strike rate. ACP Pradyuman will be shown the trailer of Hanna today and he will immediately start working on the case with the help of his dependable team – Abhijeet, Daya, and Fredericks.


Faking News reporter spoke to the CBI director and he had this to say, “It looks like a case of a young woman raised in isolation and trained to be an assassin by her father. But gets separated from him in a cat and mouse chase with a secret government outfit

But as we went deeper into the case, many more complexities were revealed and we were not able to put clues together. We needed someone who has the experience and knack of picking up unrelated clues and my team agreed on one name unanimously, that of the very experienced ACP Pradyuman.”

Just like his routine process of cracking any criminal case, ACP Pradyuman will interrogate people who claim to have spotted her including Taimur Ali Khan. Technically speaking, he has assistance from the best in the industry- Dr. Salunkhe and his team of forensic experts. When asked by reporters as to what his initial reactions were on Hanna, ACP Pradyuman said in his signature style “Kuch to Gadbad hai Daya, Darwaaza Tod Do”.

It will be interesting to see whether ACP Pradyuman is able to crack the case before 29th March when ‘Hanna’ releases on Amazon Prime Video. Looking at his track record it looks likely that he will.

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