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Faking News loves Digvijay Singh, do you?

07, Nov 2013 By Ad-min

It was never a secret, but now it’s official.

Digvijay Singh
Apparently, Mr. Singh is not too happy to hear about this love from Faking News.

Mr. Digvijay Singh, who is logic and civility personified, has often been at the receiving end of some illogical and discourteous articles of Faking News, but we have decided to make amends.

We want Mr. Singh to know that our articles were nowhere as brilliant and incisive as his comments and knowledge. In fact, we never tried to mock Mr. Singh, we only tried to develop our skills and think like him.

We tried to mimic him, and imitation is the best form of flattery, isn’t it?

If you think we have failed to match Mr. Singh, we blame RSS for this.

The readers of Faking News should know that Mr. Digvijay Singh is a senior politician who keeps politics in India on the right track; else politics of India could become another boring subject like space research or classical Hindustani music.

We hope our readers agree.

Not only Mr. Singh, but there are other people too, whom we love, and we want you to tell us who they are in your opinion.

We want to select 5 people/entities from 5 different fields, to whom we’ll say “no hard feelings” or “No Hard Fillings” with 5-Star chocolates. These fields are:

1. Politics (candidates other than Digvijay Singh, if any) 2. Entertainment 3. News Media 4. Sports 5. Others (people/entities who/that don’t primarily belong to any of the above fields e.g. IRCTC!)

Please suggest your nominees in the comments section and we’ll soon have a poll to get the list of people, who are “most loved” by the Faking News community.

“No Hard Fillings” to anyone!

No Hard Fillings - Cadbury 5 Star
The poll will be announced soon, unless all kinds of polls are banned!