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Family arrested for littering claims they were actually trying to build a hill station

05, Feb 2015 By Ad-min

New Delhi. A family of seven, which has been littering their residential colony and surrounding places for over 2 months now, has claimed that they were trying to build a hill station by creating a garbage hill.

The family was arrested earlier today after the local residents complained against them for defiling private and public properties.

Work in progress

“It was too much this morning when I saw cut onion pieces falling on my head when I was going to office,” said Ramesh Varma, the ground floor resident of DDA colony where the family lives.

Varma decided to miss his office meeting and straightaway went to local police station to complain against Kumars, who had been on a littering spree for weeks.

Prem Kumar, the head of the family, later justified the onion drop saying he wanted to help Varma feel like it was snowfall in Delhi.

“The onions were cold; we had taken them out seconds earlier from the fridge. Little white flakes appeared like snowfall. I don’t know why Varma was so angry!” Prem Kumar justified the littering act, “Maybe he likes sea more than mountains and snow.”

garbage dump
Oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city

According to an estimate, Kumars have dumped at least 100 kilos of waste only in the last one week in the surroundings. From their kids throwing in ice cream sticks and wrappers to a college going guy throwing away his letters of one sided love, everyone contributed to this dumping marathon.

“Prem will always throw half burnt cigarettes in the park, while his wife threw all rotten eggs in the parking lane. Even their pet dog litters more than stray dogs!” complained a neighbour.

But the Kumars claim that it was all part of their attempt to make a hill station in Delhi so that local residents don’t have to rum to Shimla or Dehradun during summers.

“We were hoping that by end of the June 2016 we would have our own hill-station, but bhalayi ka to zamana nahi raha bhai-sahab,” said an upset Mrs. Kumar, who had to cancel her plan to organize a bonfire party near one of the garbage dumps, “Our neighbours lack vision and taste. Just imagine the feeling of watching the Sun rising from behind the garbage hill, while you sitting by the window of your house sipping a cup of tea.”