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Find out how a new brand of firecrackers convinced the Supreme Court to reverse its cracker ban

08, Nov 2018 By Ad-min

The Supreme Court’s order which many thought was draconian has undergone a reversal after the court approved bursting firecrackers post 10pm.

The earlier order was reversed by a special vacation bench which allowed bursting of crackers without any time restriction, however the court has clarified that only a certain brand called Mirzapur Chaap Patake would be allowed.

Sources say that the aforementioned Mirzapur Patake were introduced by a millionaire carpet exporter turned don from Mirzapur who goes by the name of Kaleen Bhaiya.

While the SC judgment says that the bench found the crackers environmentally friendly, sources reveal that it was the fear of Kaleen Bhaiya that got the judges to relent.

To find out more about the firecrackers, Faking News reporters traveled to Mirzapur to meet the man behind the reversal.

Like rest of the country, the city too was decked up in festive spirit. Posters of Mirzapur Chaap Patake could be seen outside almost every shop; a clear sign of its popularity.

Locals say that it’s not just his firecrackers, Kaleen Bhaiya too is popular and a respected figure in the city.

The man himself wasn’t too modest when questioned if he used his influence to get the court order reversed. “Arre Diwali koi civil service ka exam hai ka. Sirf 8 se 10 tak do ghanta hi chalega. Isliye humne Mirzapur Chaap Pataka launch kiya hai. Ab koi restriction nahi,” he said nonchalantly.

Kaleen’s son Munna, who too has a firecracker to his name called Munna Chaap Laxmi bomb, couldn’t stop himself from praising his own brand. “Ek baar try karke dekhiye…bahut proud feel karenge aap,’ he said while giving us a packet of Laxmi Bomb.


Not everyone shared his optimism though, Kaleen’s wife Beena, who was patiently listening to our conversation all this while, interjected as she picked up a box of Kaleen Bhaiya atom bomb.

kaleen atom bomb

‘Yeh, aur atom bomb?’ she scoffed while looking at the Kaleen’s image on the packet.

beena super chakri

Kuch nahi hota inse. Sirf dhua niklega iss bomb se. Phatega nahi,” she said, while leaving subtle hints for us to read between the lines.

Numbers however were in favor of Mirzapur Chaap Patake. Most firecracker shops across the country saw 200% jump in sales. “Guddu Chaap rocket and Golu Chaap ladi seem to be a popular choice. Though kids prefer Bablu Chaap pencil,” said one shop owner.

guddu chhap rocket

golu chhap


Bollywood celebs too chucked regular firecrackers for the Mirzapur ones.

Actor Balwan Khan, who spends Diwali with his family each year, was mighty pleased with the latest SC verdict and was seen with a huge box of Sweety Chaap Anaar. “I am more into light than sound and Anaar has always been my favorite,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

sweety chhap

Balwan’s Italian girlfriend Tulia was part of the festivities as well and seemed to be enjoying the fireworks with Dimpy Chaap Fuljhadi.


So impressed was Balwan with Mirzapur firecrackers that he is already planning to make a movie on them.

The movie will be a sequel to his earlier hit movie of the 90’s. The sequel will have Balwan in the lead role and Tulia as his lady love with the title Hum Patake Phod Chuke Sanam.