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Football coaches fear loss of job as the Kia motors TVC showing astronaut giving football practice goes viral

07, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

With the football season nearing its end, coaches and managers around the world are a curious lot. Their jobs will be on the line when clubs around the world will hold review meets of the season and new vacancies will be created. If this was not enough of a headache for current coaches, Kia Motors’ new TVC has given them one more reason to worry.


Kia Motors has launched its first television commercial for India that highlights the brand’s inspirations behind the stunning designs of its cars. It can be seen in the ad that an astronaut is giving football practice to some footballers. Big names around the world like Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger who already are without a job currently are worried about their future prospects as they think football managers in future may be replaced by astronauts.

Kia Motors India stared the teaser campaign by showing a Kia car followed by an astronaut in one clip and a tiger in the second clip. Remember the piece we did on how Elon Musk was worried about Kia Motors’ already launching a commercial space programme before him.


In Kia India’s full-length TVC, one can see these two along with other inspirations come together to form a Kia car. Kia Motors’ motto is that all great things have some inspirations behind them. This is what the company has put out in a press conference to calm the football coaches around the world. According to Kia Motors’ press briefing, the astronaut symbolizes man’s first step on the moon, whereas the footballer shows agility and control.

The coaches around the world have organized a meeting to watch the TVC again and analyze the claims made by Kia Motors. Football clubs who are not performing well were curious to know if really hiring astronauts can improve their team’s performance but it looks like they will have to rely on the players and managers’ performance as there is no scientific data available which proves that hiring astronauts can improve a football team’s performance.

For now, you can watch the TVC, comment and tell us whether the fear shown by coaches is genuine or just another insecurity syndrome.

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