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Foreign tourist books a trip to Jahaz Mahal in Madhya Pradesh thinking it to be a cruise ship, blames travel website

05, Oct 2016 By Ad-min

A British tourist, who was on a vacation to India has accused a travel website for misleading him into believing that Madhya Pradesh’s famous tourist spot Jahaz Mahal was a cruise ship.

The Jahaz Mahal of Madhya Pradesh, whose reflection appears like a ship floating on a lake
The Jahaz Mahal of Madhya Pradesh, whose reflection appears like a ship floating on a lake

David Gerrard, a 50 year old architect from Birmingham, had planned his travel itinerary through But the happiness was short lived after landing in India, when he found out that the ‘Cruise’ he had in mind looked more like a palace.

“This is my first trip and friends back home warned me to brace myself for the culture shock, spicy food and the heat. But this was something I was not prepared for. The sales guy at the website gave me an impression that Jahaz Mahal was a Cruise. I almost pictured myself on the ship, posing like the lead actors in Titanic,” said Mr. Gerrard, while speaking to our reporter.

“I told my family and friends back home about my ‘Jahaz Mahal Cruise’ in India and they all wanted me to share pictures of my trip. I took usual ‘selfie with cow’ and ‘Taj Mahal’ pictures, I was not sure how to reveal to them my Jahaz Mahal fiasco,” he added.

“Since the time I have landed in Delhi things have been roller coaster. I told my guide about the ‘Mahal’ and he drove around all the ‘Malls’ in the city,” said David, with a heavy British accent.

“I have spent the last 24 hours just clicking pictures with the guides family and relatives. They stared at me like they have never seen someone this white before,” he added while recounting his experience.

Apparently, the travel agency literally translated Jahaz Mahal as Ship Palace, giving an impression that it was some kind of a sea trip.

The travel agency has washed its hands of the entire issue and said it was just a communication gap.

It seems unlikely for Mr. Gerrard to get a refund after the agency cited ‘Terms and Conditions’ that made it almost impossible for the British national would get his money back. Left with no other option but to visit Jahaz Mahal however turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“Being an architect myself I could appreciate the beauty of the intricate carvings. I was almost lost in the wonderful history behind each of these tourist places. Having visited other monuments that have been defaced with graffiti, I loved how the temples and palaces Madhya Pradesh have been maintained,” he said with admiration.

In fact, David was so impressed with Jahaz Mahal that he extended his stay and asked Happytrip to show him around the forts, temples and parks in Madhya Pradesh.

“I am not really complaining now about how things have turned out. In fact I’d ask all my friends to stay away from the usual tourist traps and check out the beauty of Madhya Pradesh,” said the Britisher, happy at what could have turned out to be a nightmare ended up to be a memorable trip.

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