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Girl approves Facebook friend request after boy shares chocolate picture

05, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Messages, pokes, birthday wishes, pictures – 17 years old Ganpat tried everything to impress Priyanka and make her accept his friend request on Facebook, but nothing worked.

However, Ganpat was pleasantly surprised this morning when he received a notification that informed him that Priyanka was now his friend.

Ganpat had tagged Priyanka in a photo of new Cadbury’s Perk last night, and Facebook experts claim that it was the photo of the chocolate that worked.

Cabdury's Perk
The extra chocolate worked

“He would tag me with random quotes, message me about how much my friendship would mean to him if I accept his request,” Priyanka recalled, “But that was so boring!”

“I used to ignore him, but didn’t block him as I didn’t want my follower count to go down,” said the girl who has only 8 followers on Twitter but 1890 on Facebook.

This morning, Priyanka, who by now was used to getting tagged in random pics and status by Ganpat logged into his account expecting some 50 notifications out of which she expected at least 25 from him, with rest being likes and comments on her latest selfies, or questions from random girls about how much weight she has put on or lost between the latest selfie and the earlier one.

But to her surprise, there was only one notification from him which touched a chord in her heart.

“There was more than I expected. One extra wafer and more chocolate,” she said, “It carried more weight than all his previous pictures messages and posts combined.”

“I know he might be checking my pictures right now as I accepted his friend request, but that’s all right,” she said, “The extra pyaar in this chocolate has earned him this right.”

While Ganpat is overwhelmed with this development, 129 other boys whose Facebook requests have still not been accepted by Priyanka are cursing why they couldn’t think of this earlier.