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Girl disappears after saying “Oh Teri” while on a date, guy clueless

23, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

A Gurgaon based couple’s date ended in an unexpected way after the girl disappeared while they were having dinner at a restaurant.

Ankit Verma, who was on a date with his girlfriend Mayuri, spoke to our reporter on what exactly happened and where exactly did she disappear.

He said, “I was going to propose but I wanted it to be a surprise so I masked it as a regular date. Like most couples we spent most of our time just looking at our smartphones. I was nervous but I mustered courage to go for it and just when I got down on one knee, she exclaimed ‘oh Teri’ and disappeared.”

“I am not really sure if she thought I was being too fast in our relationship, but how long do you expect me to wait? I had to start somewhere!” Ankit added.

Psychologist and Relatoinship expert Baldev Chaddha, who runs a clinic in Chandni Chowk attributes it to ‘smartphone’ addiction.

“I suspect Mayuri doesnt exist at all. She is a figment of Ankits imagination. All the while in the restaurant he was looking at his smartphone and probably imagined himself on a date with someone,” he tried to explain.

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What’s happening?

“Ankit is pursuing an engineering degree and that too in the mechanical stream. I am well aware of the fact that engineers have to struggle when it comes to women. So I can understand what Ankit must be going through. I mean how can someone just disappear in thin air after saying Oh Teri?” he questioned.

“And how can an engineer have a girlfriend?” he further questioned the narrative of Ankit.

This had led to a huge debate surrounding Mayuri’s disappearnce with different people giving their explanation as to why it happened.

A feminist group squarely blamed Ankit and accused him of getting too touchy on the date. “We dont believe what Ankit is saying. In fact, we dont believe what 99.89% men say. How can the guy even think of touching her? Of course she must have said ‘Oh Teri’ and disappeared before he could come close,” said Pratibha Sinha, a member of Mahila vikas mandal.

However, Ankit appears to be telling the truth here. Apparently, Mayuri’s case is not an isolated one. There have been similar instances of sudden disappearances that have been reported elsewhere too in the city.

The secret behind “Oh Teri” was not out till the reports last came in.

UPDATE: 26 October 2015: Mayuri, the girl who had disappeared has been found!

Latest reports suggest that the mystery of these disappearances have been solved. People suddenly disappearing after saying “Oh Teri” have been found vacationing at exotic locations in India. Mayuri was spotted in Goa.

Ankit came about this when he saw the following update on Facebook by Mayuri:

She said “Oh Teri” and landed at Goa!

It’s been revealed that she said “Oh Teri” when she came to know about the Acer’s offer. Ankit is now relieved and booking his tickets to Goa.