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Guy faces an ‘Awkward Silence’ moment when the imported premium locks he used for his home gets stolen by thieves

04, May 2017 By Ad-min

In a bizarre incident, an FIR has been lodged by Jagdish Malik in Greater Noida police station alleging that the premium locks he had bought to prevent theft have been stolen. As ironic as the news may sound, it is an incident which left him dumbfounded and he has himself to blame for it.


Jagdish belongs to a family of four which includes his parents and wife. They had been planning a holiday for the summers and were able to finalize it two weeks back. Although they were excited for the trip, they were bit worried about the security of their house. Greater Noida does have a reputation of giving us few incidents every now and then of house break-ins.

Jagdish and his family spent a lot of time selecting the best available locks, for them to get a sense of security while they are out of town.

It was only yesterday when Jagdish got the shock of a lifetime when he and his family returned home and saw that they were the victims of a burglary. The thieves had completely ransacked their home, leaving nothing behind, not even the top-notch locks that were supposed to prevent the burglary in the first place!

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Jagdish and he had this to say, “It is difficult to trust any safety system nowadays. I had invested a lot of time and money on the locks and look what happened. Not only did I lose my valuables from my house, I lost my precious locks too. Yes, the locks are also stolen. But I have learnt a lesson from this incident.”

He further revealed there was a moment of ‘awkward silence’ when he was asked by the policeman investigating the case whether he had a home insurance. Though he had heard about home insurance plans, he never considered them seriously. It was only when he found out about Bajaj Allianz home insurance, that he feels more confident now. He has decided to get his home insurance done so he never has to worry about such thefts in future.