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HR calls a meeting to decide if the sleeping employee should be woken up

28, Nov 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After an employee, Rahul Sonewala, was found sleeping in his office with no signs of weakening waking up, the Human Resources department of the concerned company decided to call a meeting on how to deal with the situation.

“It was all fine for the first few minutes, but then he started snoring,” Manisha, one of Rahul’s colleagues recalled how the HR people came to know about the sleeping employee.

“No, no, his snoring sound didn’t reach the HR office downstairs,” Manisha quickly added, “I called the HR guys up so that they do something about it. I hope I didn’t wake up some HR guys by calling up!”

Taking quick note of the complaint by Manisha, one of the HR executives came upstairs after 45 minutes and 3 reminders by her. He saw Rahul sleeping, took some notes, and went back.

“There were no steps taken for another hour after that. All this while, Rahul was snoring,” Manisha told Faking News. When she called up the HR office again, she was informed that they had called up a meeting to discuss the issues.

Sources say that the HR executives referred to the rulebooks, employment contracts, and code of conduct to find out if Rahul Sonewala was guilty of breaking any office rule.

“We can’t wake up an employee just like that. It’s not our job!” an HR executive explained why the meeting was called.

Employee in cafetaria
The employee, after he woke up by himself, though many did try various tricks to wake him up.

Sources further reveal that the meeting was inconclusive in the first half, after which they broke for snacks. When the meeting was reconvened, one of the HR managers quipped that they shouldn’t wake Rahul up.

“Let him sleep. Will help us deal with attrition rates,” he is reported to have proposed, but the senior manager rejected the proposal.

After two hours of discussion, the HR department decided to convert this crisis into an opportunity – an oft repeated suggestion by management gurus and textbooks. They decided to convert the sleeping Rahul into an exercise to boost employee happiness.

“We have announced a contest where we will give gift hampers to the employee who wakes up Mr. Sonewala,” the HR manager announced.

Office sources confirm that the contest started and got over without any winner as no one could wake Rahul up.

Finally, fed up with Rahul’s Kumbhkarna style nap, everyone left office, leaving behind a plate of fish curry as dinner for Rahul, in case he wakes up and feels hungry.

Later in the morning, a security guard of the office building revealed that he saw Rahul talking to his dinner: