ICC to decide winner of rain impacted cricket match with a football game between the teams

22, Jun 2019 By Ad-min

Regardless of the weather, fans can now enjoy finals of the Cricket World Cup thanks to latest ZEE5 web series Bombers that inspired ICC to find a unique solution to salvage a wash out.

washed out cricket match
Football to decide the winner of washed out cricket matches

The apex cricketing body is mulling over the prospect of having a football match instead to decide the winner in the finals.

Responding to questions on origin of the idea, a top ICC official spoke to Faking News reporter and said, “I was engrossed in watching Bombers on ZEE5, a guts to glory riveting tale of an underdog football team. And that’s when I wondered – why not have a football match to decide the winner in case rain disrupts the finals. Not surprisingly others too liked the idea.”

ICC officials over the past few days have held several closed door meetings to discuss the threat of rains.

From players wearing raincoats on field to holding special prayers to please the rain gods, ICC was ready to try every trick in the book. But with a ‘football final’, all that will be taken care of now.

However, players and team management still had some reservations over cricketers turning into footballers.

There were mixed reactions from qualifying nations whether their team possessed skills of a football player good enough to win the finals.

Commentator and ex-cricketer Brian Lara was optimistic that West Indies, if they reach the finals, would win the World Cup.

“Have you seen Chris Gayle on the field? His fielding on the boundary can be best termed at dribbling. That is some serious football skill for a cricket player. Even when he is in the slips, he dives like a goal-keeper. I have no doubt we have cricketers who can give Messi and Ronaldo some serious competition,” he said.

Ex-cricketer Sourav Ganguly, who is also a die-hard football fan reacted with an emphatic ‘fatafati’(awesome in Bengali) and offered to coach the players in art and craft of football in case the Indian team reached finals.

Opener Shikhar Dawan was ecstatic at the idea and could see a comeback in the team after an injury ruled him out for the tournament. “My thumb is sore but my legs are fine. Can surely play football,” he quipped.

Insiders reveal that coach Ravi Shastri got a positive response from most of the players over playing football in the finals.

Self confessed football fan Virat Kohli welcomed the decision and said that he along with MS Dhoni played football during most of the net practice sessions and both were good at it too.

But not everyone shared their enthusiasm. Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul however had a concerned look on their face.

“My current hair cut is suited for cricket. For football I’d have to redo my hair style. Also, after wearing football shorts, my legs would be exposed. So I’d have to get a few more tattoos to cover that up,” he said with a hint of anxiety in his voice, while speaking to our reporter.

To address any apprehension players might have, team management is now planning to arrange a special screening of Bombers. “It will help players with their football skills and also get them charged up before the match,” said a senior team official.

Some restless players however couldn’t hold back their curiosity and logged on to to check out Bombers before anyone else could.