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Indian-Chinese wedding disrupted after guests find fried cockroaches in food

26, May 2016 By Ad-min

New Delhi: Weddings can be loud, but it’s not everyday that the cops are called to break up a riot because of one. In Delhi, last weekend, a large Indian-Chinese wedding was disrupted by a catering oversight. In what has been dubbed as ‘an honest mistake’, the wedding’s caterer served a ‘surprise dish’ as a ‘wedding present’: fried cockroaches. Immediately, both sides of the union assumed it was a mocking jab from the other, leading to an epic food fight.

The food fight began at the Luxury Inn where the Yang-Chopra wedding was being held. Food4U Wedding Caterers added a surprise last-minute dish to the wedding menu in a misguided attempt to wish the prospective couple a happy life together – fried cockroaches.

“We thought that is what these Cheeni people eat,” said Raja Gupta, the head of the enterprise. “We didn’t know it would be considered an insult!” But an insult it was, as both families erupted into immediate arguments. An annoyed relative (identity as yet unknown) grabbed a stray cup of gulabjamun and threw it at another – leading to a food fight that lasted an hour.

Fried cockroaches for starters. Would you like to try the main course?

Cops turned up at the scene mid-fight and had to break up the fight before someone could use the hot oil for jalebis as a weapon.

The ill-fated lovers are frantically trying to save the tatters of their family life. According to the 26-year old groom, Yashwardhan, he doesn’t care about the real reason behind the dish appearing on the menu. “All I care about is the food fight. I wish I knew who started it. I’m sure we could have fixed everything if someone hadn’t started throwing sweet dishes.”

“They are all lying,” the unlucky bride Li Wei’s mother said, picking dal makhani out of her hair. “They ordered it on purpose to embarrass us, and all these police and caterers are lying too!”Li Wei is apparently being pressured into demanding an apology from the Chopras. “My mother has sworn that she will never let me marry Yash now. If she does, then he must never see his family – ever again!”

The Chopras, on the other hand, have since retired to their home, where the neighbors have reportedly only heard ‘loud screaming’ about ‘cheeni’. “At first we thought they were angry about sugar!” Said a Mrs. Sharma, who identified herself as a ‘family friend’, though Yashwardhan stated that he had ‘no idea who the woman (was)’.

Faking News made its way to the neighborhood to hear from the family themselves, but the team could only hear loud shouts sailing out the open window: “Those damn Chinese are too untrustworthy!”

Neither side is sure of whether they will ever see a resolution, though the ceremony’s pandit swears that everything can be fixed if they stand in full moonlight and pray to the wind to blow the negative emotions away. Nobody seems particularly interested in following that piece of advice, however.

“We understand that weddings are difficult, but this sort of behavior results in many complaints,” said Senior Inspector Ram Desai.“By the time we reached the scene, the entire hall sounded like a riot. Full chaos!” He refused to disclose whether anybody was pressing charges..

On the whole, it seems like the couple’s love is as doomed as the gulabjamun.

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