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Inspired by Bollywood movie, man challenges his boss for a wrestling match, hopes to fund his New Year party plans through the fight

28, Dec 2016 By Ad-min

Demonetization and the subsequent cash crunch has turned an IT employee into a wrestler after he challenged his boss for a wrestling match in an effort to fund his New Year party, only to retract later.

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Arvind Shivshankar, who works with BlueBell technologies in Bengaluru, had challenged his boss for a match after being inspired by a Bollywood movie hoping that his party expenses will be taken care of. But his enthusiasm was short lived after he found out that his boss was a State Level Wrestling champion, forcing him to rethink his strategy and look at a better way to get cash.

While sitting in his cubicle and staring at xl-sheets, Arvind agreed to speak to our reporter on what drove him to take this risk and why he changed his mind later. “Like most others, I too was hit by the cash crunch. With the New Year’s Eve fast approaching, I was desperate to somehow arrange money that would help take care of my party expenses. I tried everything, from selling old furniture online to asking friends to loan me some cash. But nothing worked out.”

“Last week, while watching a movie about wrestling, the idea of having a contest with my boss flashed in my mind. A match that will fund my party and also help me settle some old scores,” he said with eyes wide open, seeking revenge for the poor appraisal ratings he received all these years.

The match had already generated a lot of interest and some were also planning to ‘live stream’ the event. But they were left disappointed after Arvind chose to bow out.

“It’s not that I am scared of my boss. His wrestling background has nothing to do with my decision. I just found a better way to make money,” he said.

When questioned about the ‘better way of making money’, Arvind replied, “9Apps has come up with a New Year Bonanza where participants stand to win cash prize upto Rs 1 lakh. All I need to do is to go to 9Apps homepage, get the lottery ticket and share it with my friends. That’s it! And we all can win prizes. When it’s this easy to win cash. Why should I take the risk of breaking my bones?”

Though many are not happy with Arvind’s decision for having them deprived of entertainment, his close friends are relieved.

“It’s good that he changed his mind. I have been telling him all along that he is ‘Arvind’ not ‘Arnold’. Wrestling is not his cup of tea and that too with his boss. Thankfully 9apps has come to the rescue. In fact, the 9apps New Year bonanza seems pretty exciting. I don’t mind trying out a ticket myself,” said a colleague, as he eagerly browsed through the 9apps homepage, frantically looking for the aforementioned ticket.

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