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Inspired by Trump, Delhi Govt to build a wall to stop citizens from escaping Delhi due to smog

24, Nov 2016 By Ad-min

Delhi Govt, which got itself in a quandary after residents were found leaving the city owing to the worsening quality of air, today announced that it will be constructing a wall along the border in a bid to curb the outflow of people.

The announcement was made after statistics revealed that harassed residents of the capital were leaving the city in large numbers to escape the smog that had led to increasing number of people having health problems.

Apparently, US President elect Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall along the US border to keep immigrants away, was the inspiration behind Delhi Govt’s idea to hold back residents.

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Speaking to Faking News a senior official from the city administration said, “Yes it’s true. We had a high level meeting yesterday. There were suggestions that we install giant air purifiers across the city, but that looked impractical. We also thought about giving free WiFi to hold people back, but already exhausted that option. That’s when someone suggested that Trump’s idea of building a wall could be used to stem the exodus. Trump’s wall was for keeping immigrants out but our wall is to keep the people in.”

Trucks loaded with cement bags and bricks were seen moving towards southern border as the work on the ‘Great Wall of Delhi’ was all set to commence.

Sources say that harassed Delhiite’s are in no mood to stay back and are making a beeline for tourist destinations like Madhya Pradesh to escape what many have called a ‘gas chamber’.

Rajesh Kalra, a businessman who has been staying in Delhi for the last 10 years, spoke to our reporter on how the smog had invaded his life and why he was planning to spend the coming weekend at a hill station.

“The air quality is so bad, one can barely see anything. My job requires that I travel around Delhi. Given the air quality in the city at the moment I end up getting myself covered with tons of particulate matter. My shadow looks fairer than me,” he said.

“Just the other day when I returned home from work after traveling the entire day in the smog, my wife refused to open the door as she failed to recognize me, with my face covered with black dust. My persistent pleas had no effect on her and at one point she even threatened to call the police. It was only after I showed her my Aadhar Card, did she relent,” said Rajesh as he recounted his ordeal.

“But all that is about to end. I have already made plans to spend the next weekend at Pachmarhi, a hill-resort situated at an altitude of 3000 ft. in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Much needed right now if you ask me,” he added, as he checked his travel itinerary.

Even the threat of a wall did not deter Rajesh who was ready to scale it if required.

A popular travel site revealed a spike in number queries for tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh.

“Thanks to the smog our business is going north. We have got many people asking us to book tickets to Madhya Pradesh and it seems Pachmarhi  is a clear favorite. ,” said a source related to the site.

Faking News reporter spent a few days at the hill-station to find out if it was indeed worth the hype. Not just Delhi, the place was a favorite of tourists from other parts of the country too. Our reporter spoke to a couple, who had come from Mumbai to visit the hill-station.

Jayesh Mehta and his wife landed in Pachmarhi a few days after their wedding and were completely enamored with its tranquility.

“The striking cleanliness, thanks to the restriction on usage of plastic, makes this place so much better. The chirping of birds and the sound of waterfalls are a welcome change from the honking of horns that our ears were used to,” he said.

Apparently, politicians from Delhi are also regulars at the hill-resort when they are not busy building ‘walls’.

“Yes, they do come frequently, attracted by the colonial charm and clean air. In fact, The First President of India, Mr. Rajendra Prasad, did visit this biosphere reserve a few times,” said a tourist guide.

Some tourists initially complained of breathing problems after the sudden change from Delhi’s polluted air.

“When I landed here I found it hard to breath. It took me a few hours to get accustomed to the surroundings. But things are fine now. This place used to be the summer capital in the olden days but now I feel this is the ‘smog capital’ for the people of Delhi,” said another tourist.

There were others who had already spent a week at the hill station and were concerned at the prospect of going back home. However, a few enterprising ones had already made arrangements.

“I knew I would be facing this situation. So I got these giant vacuum cleaners to suck the clean air of Pachmari and store it in containers. I plan to take the containers back to Delhi. While others would be wearing gas masks, I can relax in my living room without worrying about the air quality,” said another tourist with a smile, marveling at his own ingenuity.