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iPhone6 fanboys vow to break their skulls if the iPhone6 is not unbreakable

29, Sep 2014 By Ad-min

Mumbai: The launch of the new iPhone6 has resulted in crazy chatter among the apple fanboys (the cooler ones even call themselves Apple FanBoi) about the awesome new features of the phone.

The blood pressure & hypertension of many papas across the nation has shot up recently as the chant of “Daddy Daddy, pocket money badhao” is spreading across the nation.

Doctors have claimed it is nothing short of an epidemic and are rapidly taking back their words “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” before they get mobbed. From tattoos of half eaten apples on the adams apple of young boys to toddlers insisting that the only fruit they will take in their tiffin box is Apple, the iPhone6 is undoubtedly the biggest sensation of the year!

But that’s just skimming the surface. Apart from the larger screen (now size matters for Apple Fanbois) and fitness tracker, have you heard about the latest claim about the iPhone6 being UNBREAKABLE? It is the hottest news since the Unsinkable Titanic.

Android users who have challenged the claim, are facing angry retorts with some fanbois even willing to put the iPhone6 to the ultimate crash-test. From stamping on it while dancing to bhangra beats to slamming it against the wall after frustrating client meetings, ask any Apple fanboi and he will be willing to give you a “Crash-course” just to prove that the iPhone 6 is unbreakable.

Here’s a pic of one such fanboi throwing the iPhone against Salman Khan’s chest to prove it.

Salman vs iPhone
Fanboi vs bhai – can iPhone6 survive bhai’s body?

Baba Doorbhash Das takes credit for this unique feature but was unavailable for comment. We could only find his followers chanting “Baba ka haath hai saath nahi chhutega, duniya badal jayegi, iPhone6 nahi tootega!

Ankit Technowadia, an IT professional has even made a site to prove the claim. Check it out at