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IT employee lifts arms for security check, body odor leaves 2 security guards unconscious and several hospitalized

22, Apr 2016 By Ad-min

Bengaluru: Frantic activity was seen at the reception of a major IT company in the city after 2 security guards fell unconscious and several complained of breathlessness after an employee working for the company lifted his arms to comply with security procedure.

The security check that caused a momentary scare
The security check that caused a momentary scare

Authorities quickly sprung into action and detained the employee while the security guards were taken to a nearby hospital for medical assistance.

A few rounds of questioning with the employee were enough for the authorities to lift their finger from the panic button after it was found that the ‘Mayday’ like situation was caused due to body odor.

Prima facie it looks like it was some kind of malodor that got our security personnel. We will need to investigate this further before we can issue any official statement,” said the Chief Security Officer of the company as he looked at the CCTV footage.

Faking News reporter spoke to Amit Sharma (name changed to protect identity), Sales Manager and the man responsible for security scare, to find out his version of the story. He said, “If you have ever been part of field sales, you would realize what it means to travel the entire city in this scorching heat. I just step out of my house and I am drenched in sweat already. The water scarcity is making matters worse. How do you expect me to smell like a water lily?” he questioned.

Amit’s defence however did not cut ice with his superiors. “He is shabbily dressed most of the time. His clothes are wrinkled and stained on most occasions. I think he needs to invest some time in buying good branded office wear,” said a Senior Manager.

When asked about a wardrobe change Amit raised his eyebrows and said, “My shirts are not wrinkled by choice. Do they expect me to carry a clothing iron to work each day? Can someone please tell them that we are employees, not characters from a saas-bahu serial who get a change of clothes for every scene.

The Sales Manager’s belligerence is only going to make matters worse for him with his latest incident being the last nail in the coffin.

Sources say that top management is mulling ‘quantum of pusnishment’ for Amit so that it serves as an example for other employees too. “We are undecided on the punishment. But we plan to hold several meetings over the month and get consultants on board to reach a consensus,” said a senior HR manager.

Meanwhile, Amit’s colleagues are already witnessing effects of top managements push at tightening the noose.

Apparently, a video circulated among the office Watsapp groups showed ‘signs of things to come’.

“I saw this video and it looked pretty scary. Frantic activity was seen as HR department appeared to be gearing up for appraisals. I am already getting anxiety pangs and it seems that this is just the teaser. Just keeping my fingers crossed,” said a colleague, who was kind enough to share the video with us, after being convinced that his identity wouldn’t be revealed: