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IT employee prefers to be reborn as a donkey in next life

19, Apr 2016 By Ad-min

Pune: Realizing that a donkey could be having a more eventful and professionally satisfactory life than what he could manage, Vishal Agnihotri, a software engineer in JustAnother Technologies has wished to be reborn as a donkey in the next life.

Wishing he'd be a donkey someday
Wishing he’d be a donkey someday

“Dhobi gets the credit while the donkey works, and here my project manager gets the credit while I work. Donkey is used a word of insult and these days they use ‘techies’ to mock people. I feel I’m just another donkey,” Vishal wrote in a Facebook post that attracted 5000 likes within one hour.

“But at least the donkey doesn’t get a night shift, and is always onsite at the river or at the ghat. His working hours are also fixed, and so is his career path. So isn’t it better to be a donkey?” the post by Vishal wondered.

“Better be a real donkey than a virtual one,” he concluded and explained why he wanted to be a donkey in his next life.

With the post by Vishal going viral among the IT crowd of Pune as well as crowd from Mumbai looking for a weekend getaway, the HR managers at various companies have been forced to work and think.

“We undertook a survey and found out that most IT guys feel that the office has nothing interesting to offer. They want the office to be an interesting place,” Albert Pinto, an HR manager told Faking News.

While searching for solutions that make a place interesting, the HR managers are reported to have zeroed upon IMAGICA, which is not far from Pune and Mumbai. They are planning to take their employees for a weekly trip to Imagica so that their desire of having an eventful and interesting life is fulfilled.

“I googled for interesting jagah and I found a video clip showing two guys wanting to be reborn as birds,” Albert Pinto revealed how he worked really hard to arrive at the solution, “I felt this was similar to our guys wanting to be reborn as donkeys. And there we had the solution!”

While the Facebook post by Vishal is going viral among IT professionals, the video clip found by Pinto is going viral among the HR managers of the IT companies.

“In the video, the birds end up wishing that they were reborn as human beings. It will be wonderful if the donkeys too wish to be reborn as IT professionals,” an HR manager said after watching the above video clip.