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Karela demands special status for itself among vegetables

14, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After an agonizing wait since time immemorial, Karela has now given up hopes of being treated at par with other vegetables, and has demanded special status for itself.

Faking News doesn’t know what do they call Karela in English

Of all the vegetables, Karela is particularly miffed with potato, who it feels has got more that what it deserves.

“Every party and function or restaurant has number of potato dishes, while not even a single dish is made of Karela,” the wrinkled green vegetable complained.

“For years I waited to get my due while vegetables of all kinds grew around me and became popular one after other,” explained Neemchadha Kumar, head of Karela Association of India, why a special status was needed.

“Everybody is concerned about inflation and how prices of vegetables are rising. You see news headlines like onions at Rs 100, tomato at Rs 80, but do you even know how much I cost?” added Neemchara wiping a tear from its (sur)face.

Under this “special status”, government departments would have to necessarily cook a dish of Karela during government functions and offer it as starter. Some over enthusiastic government officials have even demanded banning potato to appease Karela.

However, Potato has protested against any such possible move.

“No hard feelings to Karela, but what can I do if he tastes bitter and looks boring?” Aaluman Khurana, an aam aaloo wondered.

While Karela has not yet responded to potato’s feelers, experts believe that for the sake of inclusive growth, Karela could indeed be offered a special status among the vegetables.