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Kidnapping car Maruti Van’s production restarted after ALTBalaji’s new show Apharan

17, Dec 2018 By Ad-min

Commonly called as Maruti Van, Omni was the second vehicle to be made by Maruti. The car, with its sliding doors, was a favorite among kidnappers in many Indian movies. In October this year, there was an announcement that the iconic car would be discontinued as it will not comply with Bharat New Vehicles Safety Assessment Program coming into effect from October 2020.


There was a gloom amongst kidnapping gangs as the Van was their favorite car when it came to kidnapping someone. The ease and comfort which Van provided for kidnapping is still a benchmark in the industry. Many kidnappers were seen buying the older versions of the car from pre-owned car markets and were willing to pay any amount for the mean machine.

Not anymore though, as Maruti has announced that they will restart the production of the Van and in fact, the production rate will be higher than before as the demand is going to peak in the coming months.

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Faking News reporter spoke to the company marketing manager Shwetank Jain and he had this to say, “There is a reason behind us restarting the production of the Van. Recently my team went through the episode of a new web show titled ‘Apharan’, on the recommendation of the brand team which had heard the buzz around this new show. They were so engrossed and impressed by the storyline that they believe it would turn out to be the most engaging kidnapping drama in recent times. There is an excitement among the kidnapping gangs again and my marketing team can feel that. It’s the right time to cash in on this environment.”

To cross verify the details provided by Mr. Shwetank our team did a thorough investigation of the first episode of ALTBalaji’s new show Apharan and we do find there are elements which can bring Maruti Van’s glory days back.

The advance bookings for the Van will start soon and we are keeping close tabs on the same. Meanwhile, you can watch Apharan’s first episode here and decide for yourself the hype around the show.

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