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Kindergarten kid beats up other participants during running race, gets disqualified for ‘road rage’

05, Jul 2016 By Ad-min

New Delhi: A high school race for kindergarten kids turned into a free for all after a fight broke out between parents who were present at the sports function to cheer their kids.

The racing event that led to 'road rage' between kindergarten kids
The racing event that led to ‘road rage’ between kindergarten kids

Greendale Pre-School in Vasant Vihar which was the epicenter of high drama saw parents and teachers raining blows on each other and destroying school property over an incident that took place during the 100m race.

The riot was brought under control after cops were called to manage the situation.

Faking News reporter spoke to the school management to get more information on the sequence of events that led to the riot.

“If I can recollect correctly, the problem started when one of our student who participated in the race crossed the path of another and a scuffle broke between the two. Before we could realize what was happening, their respective parents joined in and it quickly turned into a brawl. Like those road rage fights,” said Sandeep Khurana, who was in-charge of the school sporting event.

“When we asked the kid to explain his behavior he innocently pointed out that he observed his father behave the same when driving from home to school,” Mr. Khurana said with a surprised look.

Mr. Bhatt, whose son Ayush was disqualified, was clearly embarrassed by his son’s confession and tried to brush it off. “Kids these days say anything. But I can tell you that it wasn’t my sons fault. It was that other kid who tried to trip Ayush and get ahead of him. I mean the school charged us 5000 Rs as ‘Sports Day’ fee so we had to it take seriously. It wasn’t just for recreation,” he said in an agitated tone, trying desperately to justify his son’s actions.

School administration however is not impressed with this explanation and the matter is set to be discussed in the next Parent-Teacher meeting.

The Dhillons, who live next door weren’t surprised at what happened at the school event. “The boy is just a chip of the old block. Mr. Bhatt has some serious anger management issues. No wonder we all call him ‘Angry Bhatt’. It would be sad to see the kid grow up and be hot-headed like his father,” said Dilpreet Dhillon, with a hint of concern.

Well known psychologist Baldev Chaddha called for people to change their mindset. “Appears to me like it’s become part of our culture now. I know of a man who was trashed so badly in road rage that he regained his memory he had lost 30 years back,” he said with raised eyebrows.

After this incident was reported in the media, focus was again drawn to the menace of road rage, with many blaming the administration for not doing enough to curb it.

“It’s unfair to say that we are not doing anything. The administration is doing its best to manage road rage. In fact we are planning to build dedicated ‘fighting booths’ at all major traffic junctions so that people involved in road rage can fight without stalling traffic and causing inconvenience to others,” said a senior official from the traffic department.

With the issue trending on social media, CM of Delhi has thrown his weight behind it and assured Delhiites that his Govt. will tackle the situation in its own unique way by releasing a video and creating social awareness.

It is not yet clear when the video would be made public. In the meantime check out a video on how kids are influenced by behavior of their parents and why it’s prudent to show your best behavior when your kids are watching you, especially when you are driving.