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Man admits to feeling like a celebrity after getting a comment on his first blog

06, Feb 2017 By Ad-min

Getting a comment on your blog can definitely do some good to your self-esteem, however it did much more for 25 year old Delhi blogger Kanwaljeet Bhalla who admitted to feeling like a celebrity after he wrote a blog on UC News We-media.

Though the post got a solitary comment it was enough to elicit a feeling of ‘being different’ from the crowd.

UC blog

Our reporter spoke to Kanwaljeet to know more about his meteoric rise from an average blogger to social media celeb.

“It was a writing contest on UC News We-media which caught my attention. I hardly write anything these days and most of it is in the form of messages on Whatsapp. I remember a time when I used to take at least 10 supplements during exams and fill them all with my writing. Thought it didn’t translate into marks is a different issue,” he said, while recollecting his college days.

Speaking about his latest tryst with blogging, Kanwaljeet said, “There was an opportunity to express myself and earn money as well. How could I miss it? But to tell you honestly, life has changed after that comment. I get this feeling that I have finally arrived,” he said with a hint if smugness.

New found celebdom has also prompted Kanwaljeet to look for a new identity, and insists that he be addressed with a cooler sounding name.

“Kanwaljeet Bhalla sounds so outdated. It looks like a name fit for mithai shop owner with the name ‘Bhalla Sweets’. I need more stylish identity and so I have changed my name to Kanwy West,” he said, marveling at his new name, without admitting that it seemed inspired from a Hollywood celeb.

His eccentric behavior however is not going down well with his family, especially his grandmother who has threatened to leave the house if he doesn’t revert his name. “I remember when he was a month old. I named his Kanwaljeet and look what he has done to that beautiful name. What is the meaning of Kanwy West? Ye naam hai ya kisika address,” she screamed.

“He’s been throwing celebrity like tantrums these days. Wants a 7 course meal, needs a different outfit every 2 hours and doesn’t meet even his family members without an appointment. I tell you, if he doesn’t mend his ways I will spank him with the same pair of slippers that I used when he was a kid,” grandma Bhalla said, clearly irritated with her grandson.

Even his close friends were skeptical of the sudden change in behavior. “He has been behaving weird for quite some time now. For someone who bought all his clothes online, now he insists on shopping only in a mall and that too designer labels. Initially we thought he was dating someone, but we still have to figure out what’s gone into his head,” said Dimple, his college friend.

Meanwhile, after tasting the success a comment on his blog, Kanwy plans to write more such blogs on UC News  We-Media and is now hoping to get two comments on his latest blogpost ‘How to become a celeb in 7 days’.

“In all probability my second blog would also get a lot of attention and I may need my own website soon,” he said, almost convincing us that even with half a comment, he would stand up to deliver an Oscar acceptance speech.