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Man angrier than Arnab Goswami found

19, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. In what can be said to be the most important discovery of the 21st century till date, researchers have claimed to find a man who is angrier than Arnab Goswami.

“He is not only angry about issues like corruption, crime, fraud, treachery, politicians, terrorists, incompetence, and other flaws in the society, but he is angry with Arnab Goswami too, which makes him angrier than Arnab!” claimed an Arnab researcher.

Garamendra Krodhi

The man, calling himself Garamendra Krodhi, has been seen mostly in text form on Twitter and Facebook, but some researchers have claimed to see him in audio-visual form too on YouTube.

“He is everywhere, present in people fighting on Facebook, blocking each other on Twitter, leaving angry comments on each other’s blogs, and of course, asking direct questions without waiting to hear the answer, e.g. blocking people on Twitter after asking throwing a question at them,” a researcher explained.

“But he is not just an online phenomenon, which can be blocked by the DoT and silenced unlike Arnab,” the researcher added, “Garamendra exists in the real world too, and we can safely conclude that Arnab Goswami is no more the angriest person around.”

When asked why was Garamendra angry with Arnab, when both should get along well given their common interest in outrages and annoyances, researches didn’t come up with a forthright answer. However, sources say that Garamendra was angry with Arnab because he thought Arnab was not angry enough.

“He is angry why no one has been slapped during The Newshour debate yet,” a source disclosed, “Or why no shoe has been thrown at some guest by another guest live on TV. He’s angry and frustrated with Arnab for not taking his anger to the next level.”

“Arnabageddon!” Garmendra demanded.