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Man asks producers of Bigg Boss to accept his mother-in-law as contestant, requests that she be kept in the house for entire duration of the show

18, Oct 2016 By Ad-min

The 10th season of Bigg Boss, which will go on air in a week, is already grabbing headlines after a Mumbai man asked the producers of the show to accept his mother-in-law as a contestant and keep her inside the house for entire duration of the show.

Some respite from the nagging, only it she makes it to the BiggBoss house
Some respite from the nagging, only it she makes it to the BiggBoss house

Ankit Arora, a bank employee from Mumbai, has put up this unique request (read plea) with the hope of getting some respite from his nagging mother-in-law.

While speaking to our reporter over the phone, Ankit said, “I cannot tell you how much I have to endure on a daily basis. Since the time I have been married, I cannot remember a day that goes without my ‘Sasuma’ criticizing me. Finding faults in everything I do is her major pre-occupation.”

In a distressed tone he narrated how his previous attempts at dealing with the situation met with failure.

“I sent her off on vacation last year so that I could get a few moments of peace. But she still managed to take some time out from her busy schedule to call me up and give me an earful,” he lamented.

But Ankit saw a silver lining for his problems after he hit upon the idea of having his mother-in-law participate in Big Boss as a contestant. “If I am not wrong they don’t allow contestants to carry phones inside the house. That means 90 days of uninterrupted peace, if she manages to stay inside the house,” added the banker, with a hint of bliss visible on his face.

Ankit is leaving nothing to chance and doing everything possible to bring his plan to fruition. Apparently, he has roped in his close friends to nominate other contestant during eliminations so that his mother-in-law remains in the house.

The producers of the show have not responded to Mr. Arora’s request but that hasn’t dampened his optimism.

“The show usually has contestants who are jobless. There is so much drama in the show and all they do the entire day is bit-ch about each other. That’s something which comes naturally to my mother-in-law. In fact she can win Olympic Gold if given a chance,” he quipped.

When questioned if she’d be comfortable doing the household chores and survive on the limited ration, Ankit replied, “I wouldn’t worry too much about that. My concern is the safety of Bigg Boss, with my mother-in-law in the show, there can be only one Boss and that would be her.”

The channel has yet to comment anything but have not denied having the mother-in-law as a wildcard entry, leaving Ankit restless with anxiety till 16th October when participants will be revealed on the show.