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Man changes his birthday on Facebook to the month having most discounts at local restaurant

11, Mar 2015 By Ad-min

Mumbai. To save money on taking friends and family out for his birthday and Anniversary, a man has changed both these dates on Facebook to coincide with the month his favourite restaurants are offering a huge discount.

“Everything is fair in love and war,” said Randhir Sharma, the 32-year-old man. who is now set to celebrate his birthday on 15th of March “I love my friends and family, so this is a matter related to love,” he explained.

Randhir took this decision after he realized that Kotak Bank was offering its credit and debit card customers attractive discounts on many restaurants in his locality for the month.

Restaurant order
The order is heavy, but the bill will be light this month.

“Given the number of perennially hungry and shameless friends I have, I can easily save at least 10,000 rupees only on my birthday treat,” he claimed.

Randhir is confident that no one will suspect this sudden change in his birthday, as no one remembers birthdays in today’s era of social networking.

“You really think that people who wish you on your birthdays remember those dates? It is Facebook that tells them to wish,” he explained, “In fact, I myself forget my wedding anniversary and check my Facebook profile to find out when it is before my wife discovers my memory loss.”

Realizing that his wife could be the only one genuinely aware of the real birthday and the wedding anniversary, Randhir has taken her into confidence by promising to give her the money saved on giving discounted birthday and anniversary treats during the Kotak’s restaurant month.

“She has agreed. She has also changed the anniversary date. Now she will wish me publicly on Facebook on my fake birthday so that everyone is convinced that I was born on March 15th,” said Randhir disclosing the plan.

As part of the entire plan, Randhir has already updated his Facebook with “Turning 33 soon. Can’t believe how time flies!” status update. His original birthday was on 17th August.