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Man claims shaving cuts as fashion statement to hide the fact he still uses blades

10, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Ishtyle Kumar, a man in his early twenties claimed that shaving cuts on his cheeks and chin were fashion statements and he felt “cool” having them.

“Cut marks on the face goes well with my ripped jeans and make a perfect style statement,” said Ishtyle, supporting his bizarre fashion sense.

Ishtyle believes that smooth un-cut cheeks are for girls, and not for “real men” like him.

Shaving cut
Favorite model of Ishtyle Kumar

“It adds to my X-factor and makes me look manlier. My girlfriend calls me Gladiator. She also feels more secure with me, as I look like a devil with these cuts and nobody dares to challenge me,” he added further.

However, Ishtyle’s close friends reveal a completely different story.

“On the day Ishtyle was going for the first date with his girlfriend, he had a few cuts while shaving. So in order to maintain the same look from top to bottom, he ripped off his jeans. Just to hide the fact that he still uses blades,” disclosed Ishtyle’s roommate.

Initially, even Ishtyle’s girlfriend was shocked to see him in such condition, but somehow he could convince her. However, he’s been struggling to convince others even after using torn shoes and shirts to go along with his torn face thanks to his shaving blade and shaving style. Ishtyle even tried to promote his fashion by appearing at a prime-time TV news debate:

One of his colleagues further reveals that once Ishtyle reached office wearing torn formal wear and torn shoes as he had got another cut on his face. He was stopped at the gate by guards, who thought that Ishtyle was a beggar.

“I think now he is seriously reconsidering his style and has decided to get rid of those cuts and nicks. Only yesterday he bought Philips Aquatouch,” revealed his roommate.

“Now he will need to get neat and clean clothes to go along with his latest shaving partner,” he added.